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Cartier Love Bracelet – Addicted Because That Ish Be Callin Me

Cartier Love Bracelet addicted. There’s a sugary sweet story behind its beginnings in the year of 1969, when someone came up with the idea to create a piece of jewelry that could be given to their one true love, screwed and placed onto their wrist R-Kelly forever more. With all that it signifies, it makes it kind of easy to understand how a girl could start out with just one single Cartier Love Bangle—but want and NEED to have several others to flex and jingle upon her most delicate

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Nike Huarache Women – How to Style Your Sneakers for Fashion

Nike Huarache Women. Where you at??? Where you at????  Serena Williams might be on the run on the tennis courts pre-baby and post, and Beyonce may have been on the run with her album, but we just want to POST UP and style in our Huaraches for women. Like LEGIT,  who else in addition to me needs to have them in

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Slides – Ultimate Top 10 Summer Slides Shoes Picks For Hot Girls

Slides. They’re the new super casual it girl shoe. We don’t even care about pinpointing when this style accessory became so huge. This laid back look is taking on a life of its own. Now what you used to only see on the beaches, has hit the concrete, turning it into a runway of street style.

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