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Fishnet Tights – How to CATCH on to the Women’s Stocking Trend Now

11 March 2017 / By Cityrocka Perry

Women’s stockings, more specifically, fishnet tights. You’ll never guess what happened to me when I recently tried out wearing a pair. I actually liked it. No, I want you to understand. I like, really liked it. You’re probably thinking, stockings?!? That’s so old school right? Okay, so I’ll give some credit to those of you who are forcefully fine with wearing them at church or at formal gatherings.  However, I’m not one of those people. The itchy-scratchy-leg-tug-of-war dance is all yours. This chick embraces her bare legs and going Au naturale in skirts and dresses. But what if I told you that everything that you’ve ever heard about fishnet stockings is wrong? Let’s get into exploring this extremely popular new fashion jewelry and accessories trend that’s become so extra special.

Fishnet Tights  – No Lady Marmalade Here

fishnet tights


Precisely. You have to immediately move beyond the lady marmalade visual that you’re most likely associating with fishnets. The red, the black, the velvet, and the garter belts.  Just know that this particular women’s stocking has gone through some drastic upgrades. You can get a larger fishnet tights design, a smaller one, or actually anything in between. You can get them in any color of the rainbow, plain or glittery, with rhinestones, or even in ankle socks.


How to Wear Fishnet Women’s Stockings

Let’s do it! I’ve been Fashion Accessories Blogger dying to share the details.

1. You can wear them underneath a pair of distressed jeans with strategically placed holes. Here’s the secret. Expose as little of your fishnets as possible. Admirers will notice the net fabric showing—at your knee areas, on your feet… or near your bum.

2. Clear shoes and perspex heels are all the rage. Put on a pair of fishnet tights or and launch your get-it-girl factor into the cosmos. I wore my fishnet stockings this way, and it just so happens that Kendall  Jenner is a fan of this style method as well.

3. Try putting a new spin on athleisure. A pair of vans or the sneaker of your choice with ankle fishnet socks? Yes, please.

Have you accessorized with fishnet tights yet? Do you want to because you’re finding the typical women’s stocking to be pretty much *yawn* booring?


Cityrocka Perry


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