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Types of Hats for Women – the LIT Ones Recommended for Style

07 November 2017 / By Cityrocka Perry

Types of hats for women, WANTED. And I don’t even care if that makes me some kind of Cool Hats Desperado. I mean, just the other day, at a most ungodly A.M.  hour, a gust hit me. I was exiting the train station, on the way to my 9-5, and Mother Nature showed #nochill. My expertly blown-out hairdo, RAVAGED, by the SAVAGE that we call the wind. Trust, my readers, I was out there looking all kinds of crazy; left with just one vital thought at the time.

I needed a hat. A cool one. Like yesterday. What I found was UNBELIEVABLE.

types of hats

Types of Hats

Some things are to be expected, like the seasons, and along with it comes the need for hats. You might need to protect yourself from the sun, the wind, the rain, or perhaps you just want to wear one to be stylish as a fashion accessory.  Just know that the hat is one of those items that can single-handedly define our most memorable fashion inspo moments. FACTS. If you don’t believe me, then just ask Beyonce. Did you know that she’s about to auction off that litty wide brim hat (the black women’s hat) that she wore in the FORMATION VIDEO?


Beyonce – Formation Video

Different Types of Hats with Pictures

I’m back onto the subject of the types of hats for women—there are many loves. There’s the fedora hat, the fascinator, the beret, the baseball cap, the bucket hat, the cloche hat, the bowler hat, the porkpie hat, the straw hat, scully hats, the floppy sun hat, the military hat, the pillbox hat, the newsboy cap, the Ascot hat, the trucker hat, and the snapback hat just to name a few. You can literally SEE the different types of caps if you want a visual.

With so many choices, and so little time you could easily want to wear more than one all depending on the time of day and the mood that you’re in. The right hats will do that. It’ll make you so pulled together that hat-hair becomes a fleeting thought because #ISSALOOK

how to wear a womens snap back hat with anything

Types of Hats |Beret Hat Fashion

Let’s just say that this is a tres chic accessory style. No, you don’t have to be in Paris munching on croissants and sipping on fine wine (as yummy as it may sound). The beret hat has gotten a complete makeover, they come in different colors and in different textures, and the designs are amazing.


 Types of Hats | Army Hats

You might be thinking of a camo hat, and for sure that’s a key fashion hat pick, but what we’re going for now is militarized glam ( if militarized isn’t a word then it definitely should be). If you happen to select this look then just know that you’ve won the war on fashion.

Types of Hats |  Designer Hats

This category is going to cost you a little more, but that comes with the territory of doing the whole designer women’s hat thing. If you’re fancy, Gucci hats, the supreme hat line, the Moschino hat and more can be found by scrolling below.

Types of Hats | The Wool Hat

The wool hat. Oh sure, it’s been around for quite sometime now. But have you seen what they’ve done with the recently? Designers have tricked them all the way out, with dazzling embellishments that are added to make your head the Cinderella of the ball.


Types of Hats | The Knit Hat

You can also call it a beanie hat. Let me just say that there is no way that a person can be considered “uncool” while wearing one. The only way that you could ruin this look is by saying something really silly out of your mouth, something off of the wall like—-I hate it when my marshmallows sing.


Types of Hats |The Pom-Pom Hat

Aren’t these just so cute? Playful and girly fun is what this winter hats for women style brings. Just looking at the pom-pom will make you happy. It’s like you’re cheering yourself on right?

Types of Hats | Church Hats

Well, I had to put women’s dress hats in because my grandmother would never forgive me if I didn’t. Don’t worry, I’m not about to get all sanctified and Holy-roller on you (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Just know that these hats are for stepping out, and I’m keeping the modern woman style cues on my mind.

How to Clean Hats

What kind of fashion Accessories Blogger would I be if I didn’t include any How-to clean a hat DIY to get you through this hat journey? So here’s what you do. For baseball caps, check out this cool Youtube video by Agent Brown. Follow and subscribe to both of us so that you don’t miss out on any future helpful tips.


Baseball Hats and Snapback women’s hat fashion:

Baseball caps can get pretty gross with perspiration and dirt around that rim that hugs your forehead. Feel free to toss it into the washing machine, but to assist in keeping its shape, you should use a cap washer.  If you have some room on the top rack of the dishwasher, simply run it through a cleaning cycle as a last resort.

Types of Hats | Sun Hats:

You can still stunt in your fave women’s summer hats poolside without worrying about how you’re going to keep them clean.  We’re speaking about your collection of Straw hats in particular here. You only need a rinse with the use of your average water hose to remove any sand or sweat. Just allow it to air dry in the sun before stepping out in it again.


 Feel like you just need to see a few more cute hats because you can’t seem to get enough? I know, as most of you are already aware, we have an addiction in common. It’s exactly why I’ve rounded up some more cool hats for women that you can PERUSE…..In 5….4…3…2…



Cityrocka Perry

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After interning as a Milliner, I’ve come to love hats and how stylish they can be any season. I’m so sad that in recent decades the hat has fallen out of style, but now that winter is upon us, hats are thankfully back “in.” 🙂

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