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SnapBack Hats – Girls Guide to Killin’ The Fashion Game

24 September 2017 / By Cityrocka Perry

SnapBack hats. When you think of one, don’t you like, automatically link it to must-have street style? This fashion blogger with a specialty in fashion accessories believes that it is the essence of what is swag. Read on to hear  everything you need to know about snapback hats to become a fashion killa, and you won’t want to miss out on my SnapBack hat experience with a guy from Harlem that I almost, sort of kinda once disaster dated. Oh, and do follow my girl Duckie (the model in the middle), who is killin’ the fashion scene these days.

SnapBack Hats – A True Cautionary Tale

snapbackhatsOnce upon a time there was a young vibrant Harlem girl named “Brenda.” Pretty and smart, It was apparent that she had it going on in every way. She and her bestie “Janice” (who also was a dime piece) were practically inseparable. They were more like sisters until the one day that Janice met a guy named Clyde and fell in love.

Not hanging with her favorite sidekick took some getting used to, but Brenda couldn’t be happier for her friend. If anything, it made Brenda realize that she wanted a guy of her own to be with too. It wasn’t long before the possibility arose. Her thought was that they’d be double dating, and be around one another all of the time having fun together again.

It felt like the day couldn’t arrive soon enough. Brenda had just slipped into a cotton white top, black spandex Adidas leggings and new white Adidas classic Kicks. As she applied the finishing touches of her Fenty makeup, Brenda smiled satisfyingly at her golden girl reflection in the vanity mirror.

Brenda’s heart nearly skipped a beat When the intercom buzzed. It was him. “Brenda, it’s, Winton, Clyde’s cousin. I’m here.” His voice sounded deep, sort of radio-like amazing. I’m on my way down.” She hoped that she didn’t sound as anxious as she felt, but it wasn’t without good cause. Clyde had raved to Janice about what a stand-up guy his relative was. Good looking, worked a decent job, with absolutely no other girlfriend drama. He was as single as a dollar bill, and that was refreshing.

The time had come as Brenda breezed out of the front door of her apartment building, ready to meet her Mr. Right. Everything that Clyde had said was true. Winton was—–gorgeous. He was tall (around 6′ 1), with a nice athletic build. He was dressed to her liking. It didn’t appear that he tried too hard to impress her, but he still looked really cool in his blue jeans, a long sleeved distressed tee, and tan Yezzy kicks.

He was wearing the cutest black snapback hat, real different and stylish. It read, STAY WOKE. Brenda could immediately see herself posting a King and Queen couples shot with him on the Gram. This guy was giving her flavor overload and street vibes. And he had deep dimples, two, which greeted her with a bright smile showing off a set of perfect white teeth. Her heart somersaulted inside of her chest.

“Brenda?” He removed his baseball cap in a way that allowed her to see him better. “I’m Winton, nice to meet you.”

She wished that he’d kept the cap on—then she would have never seen the eggish mishapened head that was connected to his body. Damn. Their date was over—- before it even started.


Since this is a fashion blog, I’ll let you all fill in the blanks of how things went on from there. So, what would you do in the same situation? Brenda was very young, but  would the shape of a mans head matter to you over the depth of his character? Or….would you just ask him to wear snapback hats 24-7?

*we now take you back to our regularly scheduled Blog post*

snapback hats


What Is A Snapback Hat?

Sooooo… A snapback hat  is a 6-panel cap with a wide flat brim. They’re generally fitted with an adjustable snap on the back which makes it one size fits all. I already know. There are some of you out there who want more on the subject at hand. You want the specific and some history on snapback hats.  Gotcha. I’ve got the complete snapback hat culture rundown for you right here Babes.

Snapback Styles – The Difference Between It, A Fitted Hat, and More

The main difference between the caps vary with each product. With snapback hats, you can choose the size of the hat by adjusting the snaps. With fitted hats, each hat has its own individual size to match the consumers dome (head). FYI, there are 3 kinds of caps, the snapback hat, the fitted hat, and the strapback hat (basically, straps instead of snaps).

Snapback Hats – 13 Reasons Why You Keep the Sticker on Your Cap

The above is a question that even I wanted to know—-because usually, when you get a new clothing item, (whether it’s clothing apparel or fashion accessories) I remove the sticker/tag/label. However, in the world of snapback/baseball/fitted caps, it is customary for the wearer to LEAVE the DARN sticker on. If you too are asking, Why would one leave the sticker on a cap? here are 12 reasons why. BTW, I was eventually won over, in favor of keeping the sticker on the cap on as a result of this. That makes it 13 reasons for sure.

Snapback Hats – How To Wear One

Jay-z-wearing-snapback-hatGirl. You have to wear your hat like you mean it. Jay-z likes wearing his tugged all the way down to the point where you don’t see his eyes. Some people were it slightly off center for swag, some people turn it backward, some people gingerly rest it atop their head. And there are other methods. Some people bend the hat brim slightly, some people wear it backward, half pulled down in the front with the brim sloped like it’s resting on a hilltop. The choice is yours, and it all depends on how you feel in the moment.


Snapback Hats  –  Cool Snapbacks

Now that you’ve been schooled in what snapback hats are and how to wear one, I figured I’d include a selection of dope snapback hat choices for you to get started with. These picks are essential It Girl approved. Most are snapback, but some are strappy and not, just generally a fashion accessories attention stealer. If you want to see some snapbacks today right here and now, then Scroll, scroll on…..


Snapback Hats  –  Unique Snapbacks

unique snapback hats for womenHere are some really Unique women’s hats that caught my style accessories eye—in other words, I like this one and this one. You can also click on the above photo to shop the Blondie and Brownie hat styles.

Baseball Cap Hairstyles Tutorial

This post just wouldn’t be complete without a tutorial on what to do with the hair on your head once you put that snapback on. For those bad hair days, and those ocassions when you just want to roll out with a cute snapback hat on, you need to be prepared.  We chose to go with YouTuber  Miss Alex who will show you her hat hair moves magic. Don’t forget to like her video and subscribe to her channel loves!  Her Baseball caps Hairstyle How-To video will give you everything that you’re looking for.

That about does it for this post. Until next time, instead of saying HATS OFF to you, let’s just leave it at HATS ON. 🙂


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