Fashion Inspo - Mad Hatters the Ultimate Accessory We're Crazy For

Fashion Inspo – Mad Hatters the Ultimate Accessory We’re Crazy For

Fashion Inspo stalking alert. With the fall season swinging into high gear, we can all only brace ourselves for the big chill about to head our way. Quite naturally for the fashionista, this involves

finessing an extension of style by way of cool puffer down coats, quilted leather moto jackets, soft knit scarves to bundle up in, and toasty warm gloves; preferably ones that allow the use of our electronic devices to take an appropo selfie. Oh, and hats.  After writing the prior sentence, this Style Accessories blogger stands corrected for providing you with a most underwhelming description. *Ahem-Ahem* It is THEE HAT, the SEASON of THE HATS actually, and it will dominate and define your most memorable Autumn/Winter fashion Inspo moments.

That Fashion Inspo Hat Life.

Floppy, wide brim, beanie, bucket, beret, scully, fedora, pork pie (yes, there really is a style of hat that goes by such a name), and many more. With so many choices, and so little time it almost seems unfair that one cannot wear more than one per outing. The end look has the capability to make one appear unbelievably polished; so pulled together that hat-hair is but a fleeting thought. In other words, the consensus winds up being—unbothered. And why would a true fashion inspo trend setter worry about unruly hair anyway? This key accessory pick offers up both form and function by maintaining our body heat and making us look totally FAB to unknowing onlookers.

Celebrities Go-To Accessory

The secret to being stylish with that hint of edge is out, that means Beyoncé,Gwen Stefani, Zendaya, and Taylor Swift, just to name a choice few. We all want to be fashion inspo – do’s and we’re discovering that wearing the right hat at the right time in the name of fashion just might lead us into the VIP section—possibly right besides you.

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  • Brooke of Passport Couture
    November 20, 2015

    After interning as a Milliner, I’ve come to love hats and how stylish they can be any season. I’m so sad that in recent decades the hat has fallen out of style, but now that winter is upon us, hats are thankfully back “in.” 🙂

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