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Womens Belts, the THRIFTY Woman’s Tummy Tuck…

05 January 2015 / By Cityrocka Perry

Style – Belt It, the THRIFTY Woman’s Tummy Tuck… That belly bulge. After all of those sumptuous holiday meals you need a SAVIOR. Cinch it. Pull it in. flatten it—-as best you can.  it’s a New Year my Celebrityaccessoriesandgossip readers, so  step onto the doormat of my Accessories welcome mat and come into 2015 with STYLE. ADMITT ONE, ADMITT ALL, because there’s no age limit on wanting to be shapely and svelte. At the end of the day (actually at the beginning and the middle as well), we all want to look better in our clothes. Undergoing a cosmetic procedure of some kind? Well, that may be in the cards for some, but as for me—-see,(warning, comedian profanity link alert) the way my bank account is set up….BTW, enamored with Kevin Hart. However, if you’ve been stressed about your waistline, if you’ve scribbled LOOK MORE LIKE Heidi Klum onto your New Years Resolution list, then cross it right out in RED. RED.RED. READ This. Because You are ENOUGH. You is KIND. You is Smart. You is IMPORTANT. Look at that, you came here for Accessories Style advice, but instead you just got psychoanalyzed. Your thoughts are light, and your burdens have been lifted haven’t they? Now we can talk about the thrifty tummy tuck, you know, Style – Belt It, the THRIFTY Woman’s Tummy Tuck… the opening title that’s at the very top of this Style Accessories post.  What would you say if I told you that a strip of narrowed fabric (with holes) was the solution to all that Fashion AILS you? Well it’s the cure; your prescription, and belts aren’t  just for keeping your pants up so that your bloomies don’t show. Hmph, belts hoisting up trousers like a stick-up. That is so Bronze age. If that’s the only way that you see its purpose, then Cityrocka Perry is happy to come to your rescue so that you can see the error of your ways.  It’s a phenomenal accessory. And yes, Cityrocka knows all about waist trainers and the movement that is Yummie Tummie and Spanx (post to come on these body shapers), but a belt is probably something that you can get to now, within just a few footsteps. Take out the ones that you like, you’ve probably accumulated quite a few that haven’t even worn. And by all means, don’t be afraid to put a few extra notches in it—if the need arises to accommodate the waistline that belongs to you. I know that you want to bear hug me. Follow me, on this blog and on my social media, it’s the only way that I’ll know that your love is TRUE…. Side bar—Accessories Celebrity Gossip anyone?


How To – Style your Thrifty Tummy Tuck Fashion Tool A.K.A. , The Belt

I’ve given you some sources above, but if you’re wanting more ideas then you already know who you’re dealing with. My fellow fashion blogger friend Xenia Kuhn has put together a most INSIGHTFUL FASHION tutorial on 12 Awesome Ways to Knot Your Belt.  Wait what? You’re joking. You want a see a few more ways on hot wear a belt? God, your DEMANDING, but it’s because I adore you and the concrete that you walk on, that I’ll list yet another fashion source. It’s from Cup of Sparkles on Pinterest, and take a guess at what her page is titled. You’ve got it. plain and simple—Ways to Wear a Belt. And no, I am not currently accepting monetary donations. Providing you with the accessories info that you need gives me a reason to LIVE. Actually, I take pride in Over-delivering, so scroll on down to see my picks for thrifty tummy tuck solutions that will your waist SNATCHED, DEFINED, and a Fashion-Do in no time….. 

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