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What Time is It? – Watch Your Style

10 March 2014 / By Cityrocka Perry

What Time is It?  – Watch Your Style.

Hello my Cityrockajewelry Style-Blog readers! I’m back after completing a major, major, major, writing project. I want you to know that I missed each and every one of you, but have no fear because I’m back to Style Blogging my butt off again. Anyway, I  figured that it would be more than appropo to do a post on fabulous and stylish watches to wear  for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 seasons.  So what time is it? It’s time for me to give you a list of  the 3 hottest watches that I’m thinking that you  should have in your accessory  style arsenal. They’re all that, the new-new, and  the best news is that they’re not going to break the bank. You can start with one watch and work your way up with no worries because these timepieces aren’t ever going to go out of style. I promise. Okay, so  who’s ready to find out what time it is ? Let’s begin with the watch countdown shall we?


What Time is It - MK Watch

photo courtesy of


1) Michael Kors Women’s Bradshaw Black Chronograph watch (mk5550) is EVERYTHING. It’s sleek and as smooth as a new Porsche, but it comes with a much lower price tag. I have to say that when it comes to the MK Women’s watches you usually see women out in the same styles the Runway, the Runway MK, the Parker Glitz,  or the Tortoise. You can wear it with any kind of jewelry so that’s an additional plus. It’ll run you around $250, but it’s totally worth it. What time is it? It’s time to feel like a bad girl with the timepiece pictured above.



Michael Kors watch in white



2) So no, I’m not getting paid to endorse Michael Kors watches, nor has he sent me one (but feel free to Mike), but right is only right. MK gets it correct again with the Michael Kors MK5161 Sport white ceramic ladies watch. It’s ALL Good with this one that will make a girl feel so fresh-to-death whenever she’s wearing it. You can get it for a couple of hundred bucks, and it will pair nicely with  your spring and summer pastels, denim, or  any of your numerous girly dresses. So what time is it? It’s time for a modern, clean  white watch that’s guaranteed to turn heads. 


michael kors chain watch

Photo courtesy of 3.bp.blogspot


3) This last one is really special. Okay, so I might be slightly obsessed with MK watches for this posting. But you can’t beat the price, and most  MK purchases come with a 2 year guarantee. The Bracelet Watch is a two-fer. It looks like a bracelet and a watch. It’s chic, it’s in style and if you feel like you’re in the mood to wear something that looks less mechanical, then this type of watch style is for you. On another note, you should know that  layering up the above watch with more bracelets is the move of an accessory genius. What time is it? It’s time for you to recognize, a woman has to be able to switch it up sometimes, and with this one you will. 


That’s about it folks. I know that you’re antsy. You want one, because you’ve been enlightened, so you finally know what time it is. scroll on down, and do the self-help thing. I can do no more, but it feels good to be home….

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