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Top 7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – All the Single Ladies Feels

28 January 2017 / By Cityrocka Perry
Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Single Women

You’d better believe that Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas are buzzing around in the heads of many, with only some taking action on the idea as we get closer to that February 14th date. It’s such the big deal—the flowers, the candy, the teddy bears—the intimate meals for two. Cityrocka Perry thinks it’s all incredibly overrated; particularly if you’re not the type to be easily impressed by any of those things. Take me out when your Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas are your everyday ideas. Get me a cluster of darling peonies— or a single gardenia that I can appreciate the smell of. Surprise me by cleaning my NYC apartment. Do my dishes (I’ve got square plates and that ish can be hard to clean). Make dinner and give me a scalp massage with ZERO expectations after— unless I say I want it to go down. *Kanye Shrugs* Then again, maybe this Fashion Accessories and Jewelry Blogger is just a HATER. Hating on everybody else because I’m the angry young SINGLE chick. Nope. That isn’t it. Because sometimes you need to be a SINGLE LADY. How will you know what you deserve if you don’t work on becoming the best version of yourself? PREACH. You’ll certainly have more to offer in the relationship that’s on the way. Keep on reading to show some love to the person who couldn’t be any more worthy of the attention and the Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that I’ve got in store. This one’s all for you.


1. There’s no need to break the bank, especially when you’ll be using your own funds. If you can’t get to the spa, then take a nice long bubble bath and then put on    something that’s going to make you smell good. How about wearing a locket that will store your favorite scent of all time? (mine’s is lavender). They come in various styles and finishes, and you can even get a hypoallergenic version!


  1. Okay, so I stumbled across this amazing jewelry artist on Instagram. I’m a fashion jewelry and accessories girl and all, so a lot of items come across my desk. But this one was so freakin’ uplifting and personal. Can’t you totally see yourself getting a mantra bracelet with words that you can see and live by whenever you wear it? i.e., She believed she could so she did. As human beings we’re all going to have doubts, but a little reassurance from out of nowhere can sometimes make the difference in turning a negative live moment into a positive.


  1. And just with the whole “theme” of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas being LOVE, why not twirl on them with some Love earrings that say just that. It’s high time that you let the world know that you love yourself, and you love yourself damn GOOD. Here are a couple of great options that I think you will go lookin’ so crazy in love for.


  1. Flowers, most of us chicks do like them, and we only wish that they’d last longer than a week or so after we cut the stems at an angle, change the water, and add the plant food. But what if I told you that you could get REAL FLOWERS; ones that can last up to a year without the need for water? Well, they really do exist. I’m sure that you’ve seen the gorgeous Instagram pics of their arrangements. They’re by a company called Venus Et Fleur, from the eternity collection. Yes, we’re all on the same page here in what we think. Who wouldn’t want a 365-day of flowers looking pretty and making them feel good inside their living space or place of work to enjoy?


More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for My Budgetnista’s


  1. Forget Pillsbury (although, I do live for their chocolate chip cookie-dough tube), nothing says loving like a pair of red bottoms. If you don’t own a pair, then maybe you should start a Louboutin fund.  It’s a different type of fashion accessory, but take a gander at what one resourceful fashionista did to score herself a Chanel bag. They may not be the most comfortable shoes (in fact, you may want to go up half a size), but you’ll be super elated each and every time that you wear them out. How’s that for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas?


  1. The. Coolest. Journal. Ever. – Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do, but you’ve been lacking the inspiration? Girlfriend, get yourself a journal because I’ve got a secret that I want to share with you. Are you listening in closely? Here goes. All dreams have to have a starting point. There are a couple of journals that will have you ALL IN YOUR FEELINGS here and here.


  1. I can’t believe that we’re already at the last Valentine’s Day Present Idea for us phenomenal-is-me single women. Well this one will make you Pharrell Williams, happy, and it’s completely FREE. The website’s called Instead of all of the bump and grind, make an empowered Single Lady playlist of tunes that make you feel good. Destiny’s Child – Independent Woman, Little Wayne – Single, Nicki Minaj featuring Beyonce – Feeling Myself, Taylor Swift – 22, Keri Hilson – She Don’t Wanna Man, Rihanna – Rockstar, TLC – No Scrubs, Biggie Smalls – Get Money,  just to name a few to get you started. Comment below with your favorite tune Gem. Happy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Single Ladies. *Drops Mic.*


    Cityrocka Perry


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