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Socks and Fashion Trends – Sock it To Me or Nah?

16 October 2016 / By Cityrocka Perry
Fashion Trends Socks

SOCKS rule or nah? Celebrities are taking a STANCE to be About That Sock Life, which means the rich are getting richer, and this FASHION Accessories Blogger is getting WORDIER. As consumers, we put them on, only to toss them to the side once we’re done with them, but it turns out that sock lines are BIG business. Move over soft drinks and skin care lines, socks are products with mass appeal. I mean did you even know that wearing socks with sandals is now “in”?

Celebrities Who You Probably Don’t Know Have Sock Lines

Rihanna – yep, the Barbados beauty and songstress has joined the fashion movement and her sock line mirrors her personality in being a whole lot less REBELLIOUS with a dose of Tube-sock Chic. Expect pastel designs that will kidnap your attention. (In a heavy English accent) Can you please have some more? I’m already in love with the Fenty Crew line; her socks seem as though they’ve had a place in my dresser drawer all along. If you can’t get enough of Rih-Rih socking it to yah, you can take her wherever you go.

socks by Rihanna

Rob Kardashian – I already know what you’re thinking. We don’t see him anymore. You wonder if he’s lost weight. You wonder if he’ll ever make another appearance on the Keeping up with the Kardashians. This is about fashion accessories so I’m going to bow out by saying that I don’t know. But what is for certain, is that HOMEBOY’s got a sock line. Arthur George is the name, and his designs are quite creative. My favorites are the catchy words cleverly written on sock soles i.e…Baby Daddy, Sole Mate. And in true he-get-it-from-his-mama Kris Jenner form, Rob Kardashian has got all of his bases covered. He offers up everything from crew socks to fashion leggings, to tights.

Dwayne Wade – He’s not just a hoopster on the Miami Heat, as most have seen, Dwayne Wade loves FASHION and STYLE, and his sock line is a reflection of HIM. Think mixed patterns; a leopard, checkerboard, stripe combo. When you think about it, it’s kind of cool to have accessories that are authentically you; let’s not forget that it’s also something that he’s making a profit from.
Snoop Dog – This won’t be too long of a description, just know that it’s in fashion. The marijuana leaf and bandanna pattern, the oh-so-very much Snoop socks.
Patrick Carney – Whooo??? He’s the drummer of The Black Keys, for those of you who didn’t know. This is when this Blog Post goes RANDOM. It just proves my point that sock lines may be MORE than just a  fashion trend.
And here’s your dose of Celebrity Accessories Gossip. Guess who just signed an endorsement deal with STANCE SOCKS? The one and only bearded one, the ballin’ James Harden. He sure did. Now, all of this sock talk is making Cityrocka Perry want to rummage her sock drawer to find suitable replacements that are COOL and totally MORE ME. If you’re in, keep it scrolling… keep it scrolling…

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Blog Comments

I love the holy chic sock from Nordstrom, maybe I should join the sock business 🙂 great sick finds ☺️


I always like checking out the new fashion trends. Some of them are really out there though. Thank you for sharing


I really need my socks in the wintertime. Very cute socks. Thanks for sharing.


i have always had a serious love for cool socks. have not stopped as its trendy!


Just no. Unless you are twelve, then why not.


I like colorful socks. I got some Man Socks for my son. They are so nice.

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