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I strive to bring you the best in 2018 Fashion Jewelry Trends. This includes women’s shoes, women’s bags, women’s belts, women’s hats, women’s sneakers, women’s tights, shoes for women, rings for women, necklaces for women, nail styles, hair accessories, scarf styles, rain gear, eyeglass frames for women, bracelets for women, earrings for women, bralettes, storage ideas, socks and more.



Please note: This webpage is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram. Featured  Favorites (showcased on my Instagram Account) are my own personal picks.


Instagram Favorites | How I Spot Them



  • What more can I say? Call me a perfectionist. The Fashion Accessories List on my Instagram page are almost as valuable to me as curated artifacts in a museum—or the hand-painted artwork in a gallery.


  • Each Month you will get new listings. This means that I go beyond the Accessory Trends Fall 2018 Season. There will always be something new and amazing for you to look forward to with clothing accessories!


  • You can attribute it to my keen fashion accessory scouting skills. I’m constantly on the prowl for the latest accessory style trends 24-7, 365.  As part of my dedication to this blog, I strive to find you top-selling fashion accessories that are beautifully designed not to disappoint.  To be completely honest, I’m liable to uncover fashion inspiration just about anywhere with no shame; in trade publications, on fashion blogs, viewing YouTube videos—even on the streets or as I commute on the NYC subways and buses!


The Shop Instagram Feed  | How to Get Your Product Featured


I’m always in search of that next new best accessory! If you are a business vendor desiring to have your fashion accessories-related item featured on my Instagram page, or on, I’d love to consider your product(s).


Send me a brief email so that I can learn more about you and your submission request. I will generally contact you within 3-5 business days with a response.


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