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Puma Slides – Our Top 10 Shoe Picks and More For the Fashionable

17 June 2017 / By Cityrocka Perry

Puma Slides. Or just slides in general. They’re the new super casual it-girl shoe. We don’t even care about pinpointing when this style accessory became so huge. This laid back look is taking on a life of its own. Now what you used to only see on the beaches, has hit the concrete, turning it into a runway of feet worthy street style. What I love best about this shoes is that you can spend a little bit of money or a lot and still be that confident chick who knows its all about HER.

Slides – Men Slide, Women Slide. The Unfashionable Don’t.

puma slides

Ha. Did you catch this Accessory blogger’s play on Jay-Z’s words? Whoever thought that we’d see the day when it would actually be popular to wear summer sandals with socks? What you really want to do is step out in this shoe trend with  your athleisure on simultaneously. It’s proof  in the making that you don’t sweat the amount of time that you took to get ready, the end result is still dressed-down cuteness. You simply grabbed what was comfortable—and rolled out.

Puma Slides and More for Women –  Our Top 10 Picks are #Goals

Now that you know about the new fashion accessories craze, who wears them and why, let’s get straight to our top 10 list. These slides are the chosen ones; they made the cut in being the absolute stunners that every hot girl needs in their life during the scorching summer months. Without further delay, and listed in no particular order. Here. You. Are.

1 – The Rihanna Puma Slides (or the women’s Fenty Puma  slides) Yaaas…Chick helped make them fashionable with the mere addition of a little fun fur. Pause. But have you seen the Rihanna jelly women’s slides yet though?

2 – Ivy Park. Beyonce’s Ivy Park slides may be plain with simple branding, but just know that they’re SUPER COMFORTABLE. Oh, and they also emit Beyonce super conquer the world powers when you angle your feet into them.

3 – The Women’s Adidas Slides. Run DMC made the song famous, and I’m sure they’re all honored to see us rocking out in “My Adidas.” This shoe style is hella’ cute with Adidas athletics wear. No worries about scouring the net for what’s available and in fashion. I’ve found some key style sources for you to swag out to.


4 – The Gucci  slides. It’s the double G monogram logo that manages to tempt us into giving in to this upscale designer. Something about it just says that you went that extra mile to be extra—-even when the invite to wherever said to arrive casual.

5 – Steve Madden – We’re going asking really cute and fun designs love me bows, leopard. Pearls and bling.

6 – Nike – The swish is the fullest representation of athletics. Don’t you agree with ALL of your heart and soul loves?

7 – E.V. A. –  Here’s something for you environmental shoe babes too. the E.V.A. ECO friendly womens slides.  Indoor and outdoor in a host of bright lollipop            inspired colors.

8 – Tory Burch  – Makes the cutest jeweled  slides that you ever did see.

9 – For the you high end MONEY GUN girls out there, we have Givenchy , Stella Luna Turnlock Buckle , Dolce Gabbana , Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo, and  Versace styles

10 – Birkenstock Slide Shoes – You’ve probably already heard of these.  They’re not usually associated with high style, more so hippy comfort. But these are sure contenders. They’re great looking and you could probably walk a million miles in them.


If you’re a DIY lover, here’s one of the best tutorials that we copped courtesy of talented YouTuber  Rachspeed .

But wait, because I want to do the most at all times, here are a few final Cheap Chic find shoe alternatives that I just couldn’t leave out. The first ones come in rose gold too! And Vicky’s Secrets  and Hunter (Yes, like the rain boots) have Lit options too. I should end it all here with the marble  slides right???

Well guys, this is finally it for reals. I hope that you enjoyed this post. I’d also like to send Accessories Luv to JZ kicks on YouTube for the fun featured video.  Thumbs up the video, and subscribe to his channel.  Do you have a favorite shoe designer slide? Let me know and help spread your own accessory love.



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