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28 May 2016 / By Cityrocka Perry

Block Heels – The End of Stilettos or Nah? The new Accessories Shoe Revolution  that has us all Walking much differently than usual.  Remember this shoe journey? “Oww.” Walk walk walking. “Oww.Oww. Oww. Ouch-ouch.” Oh the things we women do for beauty. How many times have we had that experience, balancing on our sky high stilettos? Let’s face it; if a shoe is aesthetically appealing, then the idea of the accompanying pain to follow doesn’t factor in for much. Of greater importance might be the amount of hours we can take the discomfort. But there appears to be some relief in sight on the style accessories forefront for all of us shoe enthusiasts—it’s the block heel, which has reemerged. (Cue the Beatles Let it be, add one haphazard record scratch and then Pipe in some Jay-Z/Rihanna Run This Town). Once widely popular during the polyester-bell-bottom-years of the 1970’s, this shoe has backtracked its way around, and gotten a revamp with a cooler design and much more modern appeal.

Block heels – Jeweled, Studded or Plain?

you don’t have to search very far to see what the shoe designers have come up with. Just click onto any fashionista’s Instagram feed and you’ll peep block heels galore, lots of them even worn by celebs such as Taylor Swift, Kate Bosworth, Beyonce, and Olivia Palermo just to name a few. “But in addition to the style, are they wearing them for comfort though?” you might ask. Well, they’re not going to be as cushy as your go-to Ugg slippers, but in contrast to the stiletto, the answer is a resounding yes. Basically, there’s more of an even distribution, so the wider block heel provides more support for our oh-so-delicate calves. Simply put, this means that those shoes were made for walkin,’ which is a more than valid reason for the block heel movement to stick around for a long time to come. Will you be strutting out in a block heels anytime soon?



Block Heels – Nude Block Heel Shoes on Display 

Is there anything at all better than a nude heel? Maybe. Try the nude block heel as your newest beloved womens shoes option. From the most basic but beautylicious in womens suede booties, to the very fliest in fashionable sandals.   Even rain boots aren’t off limits because they’re in style.

Here’s the thing, you already know that nude heel shoes are a big thing because they’re practically plastered all across social media. Look at the celebrities at any given event, and you’re sure to see them in nude stilettos. But what about the nude block heels though? Comfort and style all rolled up into one, and that’s a solid shoe advantage that’s indisputable.

Block Heels –  Block Heel Boots Swag

There’s cause for celebration my accessories fashion killa friends—did you know that Boot Season is now any time of the year? Yep. With the creation of cut out boots, the popularity of open toe boots, and the trend of perspex (the clear acrylic heel) boots it’s all of the time possible.


Block Heels with socks And while I’m not totally invested in the trend, you may want to know that some of us are currently into wearing boots with socks that pull up higher than our footwear. It’s a pretty cool look. What do you think? Would you try it?

Block Heels –  Block Heel Pumps

Most of us get to the topic of block heel pumps and we almost immediately think of our reliable work shoes don’t we? I know that we wear them on the job, but with so many types of fab styles out, we no longer want to swap them out for the stilettos on the way to the club or evening after work function. On top of that, our modern block heel pumps give us another reason not to bust out the flats, because most times, our dogs aren’t barking. And that’s always a favorable thing.

What are you looking for in a stand out block heel shoe? Is it a LITTY color? It’s okay to admit that you like getting compliments when people notice what you’re wearing. Is it embellishments on a shoe? Sometimes I like to bring out all of the bells and whistles to showcase what I have a love for too 🙂 Perhaps it’s the pattern that you adore most. Will it be cheetah, stripes or, high glam?

With so many choices out there in the shopping universe, you can get almost get a block heel pump in anything you can think up. A pretty bow? Yes. How about something strappy and vixenish? Why certainly. You can have whatever you like. By now you get what I’m aiming at without me going into link overload. Just have a good time with being comfy in the shoes you wear.

Block Heels –  Block Heel Sandals

Just because it’s spring or summer, that doesn’t mean that you have to be the mega queen of stilettos. Again, there are so many shoe selections—but block heel sandals? Don’t sleep on em, because guess what? They’re the truth too. There are mules styles and gladiator kinds. Can someone please stop me? As a Fashion Blogger of fashion accessories, I can go on for days, months, years.

Can I just list one more block heel sandal? This one is sooo cute. I would wear it with the most basic of outfits. Maybe I’d pair it with jean cutoffs, a simple hip hugging dress, or maybe I’d wear them with a crop top and wide legged pants.

How to Style Block Heels

And for your convenience, I found a bomb YouTuber who put together an essentially  timeless video on exactly how to style block heels. Thank you H2o-oxygen-fashion. Like her video and subscribe if you’re feeling eternally grateful as I am. Enjoy peeps.



Cityrocka Perry

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Blog Comments

I love that these heels are sexy and comfy at the same time.


I am so glad they are coming back! I love the look of the “stiletto’, but I’m disabled now and have balance issues – so this works great for me – yay!

Cityrocka Perry

Nonsense Dale. You can wear stilettos while SITTING or Lying Down for VANITY….. 🙂


I can never walk in stilettos since my balance is bad. Block heels have become my friends for a long while now. Charlotterusse pair looks wonderful!


Fashionable and functional is what it’s all about!

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