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How To Head Scarf Styles – Like Your last Name is Hermes

01 September 2016 / By Cityrocka Perry

How To Head Scarf Styles – Like Your last Name is Hermes. Let the fierce winds blow….Heck yeah, it’s Brrrrrrr… it sometimes gets cold here in New York where I’m from. Sludgy ice-capped mini-mountains form the backdrop of our concrete streets. My stride is deliberate, only because walking in any other manner would make me—a tourist. The Wolves of Wall Street howl, but Cityrocka Perry is clad in EXTREME winter wear. I keep it moving in my tall green Hunter boots, fluffy but fitted Arc’teryx Nuri Down coat and a GORGEOUS H&M scarf which is wrapped to the GODS around my head, a-la-Audrey Hepburn. See Cityrocka run. Down the subway steps with a Metro card clutched in hand. As I swiftly swipe through the turnstile, I’m able to dash onto a waiting train car just as the doors are about to shut like the doors to a correctional facility. And as I scope out and pursue the one available seat in the car, ALL EYES ARE ON ME. AND MY SCARF. Head scarf styles 101. Cold weather wear or just because….

Head Scarf Styles – Movie Star or Nah?

Head Scarf Styles

You don’t have to be a sophisticated Audrey Hepburn, a Beautylicious Brigitte Bardot, or even  a Fab Jackie Onassis in order to wear a scarf with STYLE. It positively fits into the category of accessories. It doesn’t have to be Hermes (although I have branded it my Need it Now request. I mean, suppose the Hermes folks run across this post?) But I digress. The thing about wearing a really great scarf the right way is that from the moment that you put it on you become one that’s got it all the way together. It’s sort of like painting your nails with a color and then adding that last layer of high gloss top coat. As shown above in the Best Blogger who Rocked it, style blogger Kim does represent as a fashion hit in my opinion because of colorful scarf  that she chose to layer onto her  white outfit. And finally, as the Celebrity who Rocked it, my top pick has to be THEE-HE, E.J. Johnson of Rick Kids of Beverly Hills. Male air to the throne of Magic and Cookie Johnson. He SLAYS on the February cover of Teen Vogue up top, and I can’t think of another who can make a Moschino scarf look as good. WERK.

Psst. Here’s your dose of Accessories Celebrity Gossip. GUESS WHO was caught out wearing a fur scarf, solidifying that this Accessories Blogger knows a thing or two about what to wear?

Now that I’ve got you sold on the  security of  showing out in a scarf, you probably want to know HOW TO STYLE one. And just like that, HERE IT IS.  And because I’m gifted with the talent of intuition, I already know that you want a source for where to find yourself some great scarves so that you can become one of those “got it all together people.”  Find your Scarf STYLE at H&M, Flea Markets, Vintage shops, your closest department store. Or, you can check out my selections for the creme of the crop Head Scarf Styles down below…..

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Thank you for linking to the pinterest board for styling a scarf. My wife loves scarves. I am sure she will find some new ways to wear one of her favorite accessories .


I love scarves but have not been sure how to wear them. Thank you so much for sharing this

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