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Rain Gear Chic – How to Dodge Raindrops With Style Any Day of the Week

19 April 2016 / By Cityrocka Perry

Rain Gear Chic. How do YOU measure up when it comes to STYLE and the rain?I mean, bad weather happens, but you certainly don’t have to sacrifice looking polished and BEING ALL THE WAY TOGETHER. readers; out there in these streets battling the elements with just one of those cheapie umbrellas and old worn college galoshes?  Nope, Cityrocka isn’t about to let that happen.  I’m about to REIGN down on you with everything weather resistant and FIERCE. Without further Accessories Ado, Let’s get right into it.

1) BAG – (Thanks to Stylist Supreme June Ambrose for this tip on her Instagram and mine. Please DO follow us both. I’m new on the scene). Bags. We take them pretty much everywhere that we go right? So you need to be a BAG Lady. All bags are created to function differently, most only for style. But what if I told you that I’ve found the perfect one. It’s okay, you can call me your Fairy Godmother here on in if you like. With a few clicks of my computer keyboard, I’m taking you from being the Bag Lady to My Fair Lady.  I bring you, the Great Bag Co. Fashionisto Robert Verdi has created a bag that will you Jim Jones Ballin’ doing the rain dance. It’s designed in the style of those designer bags that we all covet, but it’s made out of a weather resistant material that you’ll love even more. The Model M. Diamond bags come in a host of different colors. I’m psychotic for the white one, but my runner-up is green.

2) Rain boots – Now about those old college galoshes. Scrap them immediately for more style appropriate rain gear now. Sure, they’ve served the purposes when you didn’t know any better, but as a Style woman of means, you’re going to have to bring more to revamp your WEATHER GIRL appearance. Cityrocka doesn’t want you to blend in with everyone else, so my picks are all going to be rain boots that you may not be used to. Lots of folks are familiar with the Hunter Rain Boot brand, but did you know that they have lots of other designs outside of what you’ve probably seen before? This isn’t TWO CHAINS, it’s TWO HUNTER RAIN BOOT STYLES, no three, at the top of this post inside my photo box. Check on it my Accessories peeps; the the Hunter Carlyle, the Hunter Block Heel (yes, rain boots do come in heel heights). And although some may not agree that they’re okay for you to wear I say go for it, and DO YOU all day. The Chooka Rain Boots have also won out as HIGH STEPPERS in my book. They come in all kinds of bright fun colors and design patterns. Rounding out my list is a rain boot with a rain cloud air of SOPHISTICATION. Give-it-to-me Givenchy. It’s the Chain Strap Pure Rain Boot, and Cityrocka Perry is so very here for it.

rain gear


3)Rain Hat – I’ve got a couple of  Bad Weather Style Picks for you.  Bucket hats—are IT. But one in a shiny patent leather? Everything. I’m going with Urban Outfitters XU O version.  And another one—the Maison Michel PVC Lara Rain Hat. It’s fashionable it’s different, so  I definitely want one. In any event, you’ll be ready. Is it going to rain today? Is it going to rain tomorrow? Who cares? Cityrocka has you covered.

4)Umbrella – Under my Umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh (I just couldn’t resist). It’s Muy importante,( yep Cityrocka knows un poquito espanol). Let’s get you an umbrella that’s as important as a PIMP CANE. Burberry, Missoni, or something clear that will go with everything. press the button, and away you go.  After all, Rihanna created a song for your rain gear swag to prosper.

That’s about it, so I’ll leave you with this one question with a throwback jam from New Edition. The Weather outside is frightful. BUT CAN YOU STAND THE RAIN? With the proper rain gear, the answer will always be YES Loves.


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I’m loving those mustard colored rain boots! Gorgeous color and style!


There are several items shared that I would love to have. So cute. Thank you so much for sharing

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