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Mother’s Day – Surefire The-Pain-Was-So-Worth-It Accessories Gifts

02 May 2015 / By Cityrocka Perry

Mother’s Day is upon us again.

Your mother is never going to forget the day that you cane into the world. Go on,  it doesn’t even have to be Mother’s Day. Ask her what she remembers about when you were born. In all likeliness, she’ll be able to tell you the hour of the day, the amount of time that she was in painstaking, wall climbing, coyote howling labor, and the precise time that you arrived. Children are such a blessing. That’s what we’re often told, except for the times when we worried or mothers to death regarding where we were or weren’t supposed to be. Or when we stressed them out over our selection in a boyfriend/girlfriend. Or when we asked for something that involved her spending money (which does include food, clothing, shelter, and education). Or when we did or didn’t share that we are sexually active. Or when we gave into peer pressure and drank/smoke/lied/cheated/stole/partied/dresses skanky, or darkly weird. Or when we first jumped in behind the wheel of some vehicle. All of these thing actually, and still the majority of us turned out to be well-adjusted with proper morals of some kind.

Mother’s Day – You Owe Her BIG

Cityrocka Perry is going to tell you what GIVES; it’s you. It’s me. It’s every person who has a mother living or not, we have to acknowledge just how VERY GRATEFUL we are–by digging deep in our pockets and becoming an I Love You So Much Mom playback machine. Mother’s Day is momentous big. It should be a freakin’ national holiday actually. The person who created national holidays should be placed in a torture chamber and forced to watch I-Love-My-Mother films and made to listen to I-Love-My-Mother songs on a loop. How and why in tarnation would you not make Mother’s Day a National Holiday?

The Point of Mother’s Day In A Nutshell

Mother’s Day is not just about getting predictable old flowers which will eventually wilt. Mother’s Day is not just about obligingly picking up a card from your local Dollar General Store. Mother’s Day is not about a box of cheapie chocolates that your diabetic mom can only enjoy one ore two of. You need a Mother’s Day Gift that’s going to be GOOD. Cityrocka Perry to rescue again. I’ll Always Love My Mamma—-and you’ll ALWAYS LOVE YOURS.  Remember to tell her this and then scroll on down for  my Style Accessories Picks in homage to Mother’s Day. Betcha this Accessories Blog will be your Go-To place for Mother’s Day Gifts every year……Your Mother is going to tell that the pain was so worth it. You WATCH and see what I tell you……

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