Nail Styles - Why Nails Are the New BLACK of Accessories

Nail Styles – Why Nails Are the New BLACK of Accessories

Nail Styles. Your Nails; they go wherever we go, they’re on our fingers and on our toes. Okay, so maybe this post doesn’t apply to amputees, but within this context, nails and nail art is TOTALLY the NEW BLACK in a way that makes them WAY COOL. Just follow the fingers of a few of some of your favorite high profile celebrities. Songstress and American Idol favorite Jennifer Lopez always gets right to the point all thanks to to the nail art stylings of Tom Bachik.  BTW,  Bachik also artfully tends to the nails of Victoria Beckham, Ann Hathaway, and Jennifer Aniston, and with 20 plus
years of experience in the nail industry, we think he’s got his craft all the way together, HANDS DOWN.

Next up is Talk show host Jeannie Mai of THE REAL who gets megawatt props from this Cityrocka because this chick knows how to make Negative Space Nail Styles into a fashion accessories positive. If your forehead is creasing with curiosity, smooth it out and exhale with relief. Find out what Negative Space Nails are right here and NOW.

And ANOTHA’ ONE. Well that wound be Super songstress Rihanna, and she’s ALREADY warned the entire world that they’ve only got Fourfive seconds—for her nails to dry or else she is going to go WILDIN’ on them. Her manicurist needn’t worry though. She’s Kimmie Kyees, just the one to pull off the breakin’ all of the rules star’s nail art, creatively and in a timely manner no doubt. It seems that Rihanna likes them long and rounded (is anyone surprised?) About her nail style folks! Please don’t be trashy ;/  Anyways, I was also going to add that the Bajan beauty is open to neutral hues or darks all depending on her mood.

Yep. It’s all fine and good for celebrities all of the time right? They get to have new nails put on and taken off  for red carpets, performances, and special appearances, perhaps as often as we change our underwear. But most of us don’t have that luxury. PAUSE. It’s high time that you did something about that. Check out what Cityrocka Perry has found especially for you. It’ll keep you in style and keep those nails of yours (and mine) on FLEEK.

Nail Styles – 3 TOP Notch Nail Resources:

Nail Styles


1) Wrapartist Nails – Love this website. It’s as easy as a stick on over the base color of your choice. And the end result will look like someone was your very own nail art flunky.

2)  – It’s a virtual nail art candy store. You’ll need to be a DIY’er with  a steady hand, but GIRLFRIENDS, the bling is on budget status and your nail design art possibilities are endless.

3) – This is the place to go to load up on nail design inspiration, tips, and DIY guides.

Before I wrap this post up, I just want to apologize for the short break I took. I’m (still) in the process of making improvements on this blog, and calling in a professional became very necessary. I’ll follow up with the who and from where very soon, TOATS. So rest assured that all is still moving forward with this Style Accessories Blog. You know how Cityrocka does it—–You SCRATCH my back, and I’ll SCRATCH yours…..

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