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Lovely Nails – Read This Before You Spend Your Next $40 On A New Set

09 September 2017 / By Cityrocka Perry

Lovely nails.  Who doesn’t want to keep a full set of them on show wherever you go? In terms of finger nails in general, it’s not like we have the option of going without them because they’re already situated on our fingers and toes. Okay, so maybe this post doesn’t apply to amputees, but within this lovely nails context, what I’m about to share with you could POSSIBLY mean THE END  of the relationship between you and your  current manicurist as you know it.

Nail techs, please don’t come for me for putting myself on the line here. I’m basically telling your potential customers that they no longer have to break out into a panic with their hands flailing in the air asking,  “Where is my closest salon?” Right. And I’m also basically telling them that they can get the PRO nail job that they seek—on the cheap.

Lovely Nails | The Nails-Done  Everything-Done Secret That No One Is Telling You About

The professionals have been holding out on you like—big-time for real. What would you say if I told you that you could’ve been saving loads of money and tons of time (time that you BTW, can’t get back) spent in a nail salon?

It’s not really information that the industry wants you to know about, but here’s the absolute truth of this post. You can do the most with the simple use of press on nails, nail stickers, and nail appliques to achieve the look of  beautylicious in style nails.

Nail Shapes

nail-shapes-chartBefore we get into the key details and designs factor, you should probably first decide upon which nail shapes you’d prefer to wear.  Check out the chart above. There are a few points to take into consideration, your lifestyle type being the biggest one. (longer nails might not be a good choice for typists or someone who works with infants or small children).  You’ll also want to go with a shape that is more in line with your style. i.e… an edgy chick might want to go with a stiletto over any of the other nail shapes.

How about we explore the options? Each method is going to cost you less than a trip to the nail salon, and the only thing required besides the kit and/or a few simple tools, is a smidgen of patience and a decent steady hand.  We’ll begin with the ingenious invention that is press on nails.

Press On Nails

Press on nails are artificial nails, also known as fake nails or nail extensions using a glue adhesive. They are used like coverings placed over your fingernails.  There are so many to choose from, and they come in a host of textures and cool nail designs. Here are a few of our faves, the blue  the marble,  and the hologram.

Lovely Nails - Press on Nails

Gel Nails

Gel nails are also press on nails, but the technique is slightly different in that you don’t actually need glue. They come with a strip (adhesive) that makes getting your lovely nails swag a snap!

Nail Stickers

Nail stickers are just plain old fun. It’s a terrific way to bring a plain set of painted nails up to another dimension in the style game. You just place them wherever you want to, and then add a clear topcoat over it to set.

Nail appliques

Nail appliques work in the exact same way as nail stickers, just think in 3D. They come in various shapes and forms and take a bit more of your concentration to place. The end product is awesome, and you’ll be happy that you put in the effort.

While I’m on the subject of nail art, I should tell you that you can also make use of nail pens to draw on what you like. A heart, a flower, my initials. :).

Here’s a great tutorial from Fab YouTuber, Assia Payne that’ll walk you through the steps of Press Ons. Subscribe and like her video for all of her hard work you guys:

Lovely Nails | Top Nails for Fashionistas

Below are some of my Go-to nail design sites. If I have any questions or need inspo I head there to fuel my brain:

1) Wrapartist Nails – Love this website. It’s as easy as a stick on over the base color of your choice. And the end result will look like someone was your very own nail art flunky.

2)  – It’s a virtual nail art candy store. Again, you’ll need to be a DIY’er with  a skilled hand, but GIRLFRIENDS, the bling is on budget status and your nail design art possibilities go beyond infinity.

3) – This is the place to go to load up on nail design inspiration, tips, and DIY guides.


Lovely Nails | Celebrity Nails

lovely nails

Kylie Jenner Nails, Long and Golden done by the talented @Kimmiekyees

Let’s follow the fingers of a few of some of your favorite high profile celebrities shall we? Songstress and American Idol favorite Jennifer Lopez always gets right to the point all thanks to to the nail art stylings of Tom Bachik.

JLO Nails

But guess what loves??? JLO’s pretty nails are usually of the  PRESS ON NAILS kind. BTW,  Bachik also artfully tends to the nails of Victoria Beckham, Ann Hathaway, and Jennifer Aniston, and with 20 plus


Celebrity Nails

Selena Gomez, simple but Glam Nails done by the amazing @Tombachik

years of experience in the nail industry, we think he’s got his craft all the way together, HANDS DOWN.

Next up, is Talk show host Jeannie Mai of THE REAL who gets megawatt props for her Negative Space Nail Style. New to the fashion nails negative space term? Here’s some visual insight into this specialized nail design.

And ANOTHA’ ONE is Super songstress and Fenty Makeup Maven Rihanna, and she’s ALREADY warned the entire world that they’ve only got Fourfive seconds—for her nails to dry or else she is going to go WILDIN’ on them. Her manicurist needn’t worry though. She’s our buddy mentioned above, Kimmie Kyees, just the one to nail project the crooners edgy ideas of style. Apparently,  Rihanna likes them long and rounded (we’re referring to her nail style folks!) Lets keep it classy.  Anyways, I was also going to add that the Bajan beauty is open to neutral hues or darks, all depending on her mood.

It’s all fine and good for celebrities right? They get to have nails put on and taken off  for red carpets, performances, and special appearances, about as often as we change our undergarments. But this is I created this fashion blog (with a focus on accessories post). Most of us don’t have that luxury. But now we do, and no one else but YOU and I have to know.

Lovely Nails | How Long Will They Last?

You’re going to find all of the items, and then some to get your nails looking amazing. Most of these fashion nails methods will last you for a couple of weeks with proper care. Don’t get crazy with them and you might even get them to last even longer with a brief retouch.

We all know that the service at a nail spa makes us feel pampered. The whole manicure and pedicures (pedicures spa) thing. If we’re lucky, we might even go to a day spa and get or complete body relaxation on. Just think of this post as an alternative.

I also want you to know that as far as the DIY nails topic goes, just know that you will get better with practice. Don’t phone the crisis center if your nail job doesn’t look just like the photo on the box. You’ll get it, you’ll save money, and you’ll be cute doing so Girrrrllll…..

Cityrocka Perry

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I totally think that nails are a great way of expressing yourself. Loved these websites you mentioned!

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