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New Years Eve Accessories STUNTIN’ – Better Than the Times Square Ball…

29 December 2014 / By Cityrocka Perry

Flickr, courtesy of Marcia London – Avale Dresses


New Years Eve Accessories STUNTIN’….

Better Than the Times Square Ball in …10….9….8….7…6… Okay, so maybe Cityrocka Perry is getting a little ahead of herself. New Years Eve is still 3 days away. But I just can’t hide my growing excitement. This is an ACCESSORIES post of ASTRONOMICAL proportions, it’s Elizabeth TAYLOR DIAMONDS over the top, nope—it’s Micheal Douglas Liberace worthy. Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus, are you paying attention? Well if they’re not, then you might want to, my accessories style readers. Don’t you dare go out and buy a new dress for this upcoming New Years Eve holiday. Throw open your closet, pull out the plainest and most basic items out of all of your outfits my ACCESSORbabies (that’s a new term that just came to me. I like. Expect me to run it in future blog posts) and ACCESSORIZE. You’re going to style that outfit like you’ve been Exorcist-possessed by the one and only Rachel Zoe. That’s right, Cityrocka Perry just saved you time and aggravation, because all you’ll really need to project the SUPERSTAR that you really are is a pair of stud/post earrings—and  a gem encrusted, icy, sparkling—clutch bag. A snazzy clutch bag. Don’t panic. Don’t panic. It’s a fashion investment that you’ll be able to utilize again and again. You can wear it with jeans, you can display it somewhere like it’s art. Hold up, did you even know that there was a Fashion Jewelry Exhibit in New York? How incompetent can one really be? My assistant is FIRED for not informing me of this in advance. Oh wait, that’s right, I don’t have one—yet. At least I now have an excuse for missing that exhibit though. I’m certain that you all would have enjoyed the photos that I would’ve posted the “ish” out of. But that was the past, and we’re talking about the future of YOU and 2015. It’s all about the razzle-dazzle, so without further ado, let’s all get consumed with desire over the accessories selections that will make this New Years Eve one that you won’t soon forget. That is, unless you’re a drunkard—-in that case, I will advise that you opt for the clutch with the chain….. No need to start out the year losing all of your personal valuables. Oh, and stick this additional info gem onto your bag;  created a tutorial just for all of the Drunken FRUGAL FRANS. See the finished project pictured below – bottom row center. It’s really a fantastic post, even for  the  sober CREATIVES… Last thing, from me to you, be safe, and have a fabulous and funtastic New Year!!!!!


* The Chanel clutch (upper corner, right) is being CLUTCHED. Celebrity who ROCKED it is Blake Lively at Cannes 2014.

* The best blogger who ROCKED it is Carolina from  (corner left (over-sized). 

* Stella McCartney gets the Cityrocka Perry’s – Need IT Now vote.

 And what about that Accessories Gossip? I know, you thought I forgot. In Your Pretty Face. Here it is.   


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