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Why Breakups Will Make You Question EVERYTHING about Accessories…

02 February 2015 / By Cityrocka Perry

Why Breakups Will Make You Question EVERYTHING about Accessories…

Dunnzo. Finished. It’s a relationship Wrapp, and guess what? None of those old-school woe-is-me rules apply. These days, it’s all about getting out unscathed, and getting over that Ex the best way that you can. The reasons why you broke up doesn’t matter, and this Style Blogger Cityrocka Perry isn’t a shrink. But she does have a few ideas on how to bring YOUR HAPPY back.Side note – I’m not sure how this ALWAYS happens, but all roads seem to consistently lead back to the subject of ACCESSORIES. Keep keeping on with this read and let me know if you agree.

ACCESSORIES – Your Old Baubbles Hold the Key to Your New Attitude

Someone woke up like this. FED the Heck up. Motivated to put their tired relationship to rest for AN ETERNITY. They thought up the Wedding Ring Coffin. It’s true folks—it does exist. It’s basically a small shaped coffin, with a glossy mahogany finish, lined in black velvet. And get this, you can add a heartfelt personalized plate onto the coffin to convey your R.I.P. goodbye. As an example, there are sayings such as: Gone and forgotten…I DO….Not!, and Cityrocka’s all time favorite; Six feet isn’t deep enough. Mind you, it’s not just a wedding ring coffin, you can put the accessories keepsake of your choice to rest, and all for the low price of only $39.95. It’s a different way of burying the past, quite the original invention wouldn’t you say?

But some of us like to think like an entrepreneur. If it’s not about making money then it doesn’t make sense. Enter stage domain you’re looking to unload your accessories baggage while turning a quick profit, then this would be your one-stop destination. A few requirements, you can’t specifically name names (ie….Joey can kick rocks for cheating on me with that SKANK Lisa), it has to be an honest effort (no signing up to the site selling wedding rings in bulk to turn profits), and you have to air your dirty laundry out while you’re there(cathartic much?). Oh, oh, and you can also BUY precious accessories on this website, which just might be a ring buyers paradise. So many selections, so little time. There’s got to be a bunch of people on there looking to list for less to unload, just anxious to make their Ex a distant memory.

If the above is all too much drama for you, then you can always KEEP IT BASIC. You know, you can almost-kinda-sort of-but not quite NOT wear your heart on your sleeve. By this, what I really mean to say is, that you can announce to the world that this person IS THE WORST thing that ever happened to you, and this why it’s so—so—so, VERY VERY OVER. Wear your feelings on your accessories—on a purse, a necklace, or a scarf. 

All of you Jay-z fans will totally get the Cityrocka Perry take on this one. “Couldn’t see the tears come down my eyes— so I had to make the clutch cry….” The FAB bag is pictured above. It’s the large break up clutch by the great Phillip Lim. The bar name plate necklaces are actually my NEED IT NOWS the Etsy shop owner of Bad Bad Jewelry created ACCESSORIES GOODNESS. We all know that the best revenge comes in the form of making a success. 

 And how about that Celebrity Accessories Gossip that I promised you ions ago? Take that, take that. This isn’t recent Celebrity Accessories Gossip, but it’s related news that will Simmer with long after this Break Up Accessories post goes LIVE….

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