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North West – Wore it First, that YSL Bag…

14 December 2014 / By Cityrocka Perry

North West

Wore it first—as far as being a toddler is concerned. And Of course Nori’s bag is pint-sized and  adorned with tons of silver studs, but it is still YSL (Yves Saint Laurent). Here’s the celebrity Gossip to satisfy your Sahara Desert Accessories thirst. The price tag for this rock-a-buy-baby’s bag is a steep $1450.00. I know, I know, she’s only a 1 year old, but when your parents are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, then it’s comparable to one of us buying a bag from Payless.  Hold up—I’m feeling a you-fancy-huh alert overcoming me.  Cityrocka is really obsessing over the tassel YSL because of the air of refined elegance that it brings with it. Please check out Brooklyn Blonde when you can, because she DID THAT with her camel coat, fierce red lip, and YSL Tassel bag. I’ll take one in black or taupe please. I bet you Nene Leakes won’t be the only diva professing that she’s RICH [email protected] with one of these in your possession.  Okay NOT, but a girl can front, because after all, being rich stems from your state of mind.Dress it up, dress it down, and it’s still that accessory which manages to snag the attention  of complete strangers causing them to instantaneously blurt out,”I want that bag!” Take a look at Angelina Jolie out and about with a YSL bag of a different style; it’s the Cassandre Chain Strap Shopper bag. The Parkay butter soft leather with the chevron stitching, the classic chain handles, and that bold tell-tale lettering YSL.  She’s gotta have it stylin’.  Pick the one to your liking. Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself if you can afford this accessory which you will probably wind up coveting. And if it’s not in the budget, then a chick always has options that she/he can explore….

* On a side note – welcome to my new website design! I  felt like I needed to step it up before the new year and become more serious about my blogging efforts. I love it so much, and I hope that you do too! Please follow me on all social media and sign up for my feeds so that you don’t miss a post.  Now, back to our previously scheduled post…..About those options…


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