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New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas – How to Be the Most without Doing the Most

24 December 2016 / By Cityrocka Perry

The New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas in this fashion blog post aren’t meant to be TAMED. Expect to get some attention, and plenty of it. You will be LIT. There isn’t need for you to worry though, because what this fashion accessories and jewelry blogger has in mind will still be plenty tasteful. After all, the point of you clicking onto this site is to be plenty informative, and keep you coming back for more accessory goodness.


New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas – How to Be the Most without Doing the Most

If you’re planning a fun night out in a black dress, a black jumpsuit or any other shall we say “expected outfit” it’s still all good. What you need to know upfront is that there’s more than one way to make an entrance, and it has everything to do with your fashion accessories and jewelry. Intrigued much? Well, let’s take a leisurely scroll down the page to get into exactly what I mean.


1)Just Add Fur – Yes to the Gawwds. And for all of you animal supporters  calm down because it can be faux. There are some designers creating accessory outwear that would have you dousing paint on it in the name of PETA the same as you would the real stuff. Anyways, experiment with color and textures. Instead of wearing a coat, make it a vest. Put it on over that black dress or that jumpsuit and then dare someone to call you BASIC.

2) Glow in the dark nail color. Oh you’ve probably seen neon before, but did you know that you can get a hue that will light up the night and make you into a shining star? It’s just the right hint of different and Cityrocka Perry co-signs this nail trend.


3) Not a Sequins Dress—but a Sequins Jacket. This idea is so good that I almost want to keep it to myself and use it. The right stylish sequins jacket can even be worn with a pair of skinny jeans girlfriends. You will be elevated to another fashion stratosphere for sure. On a side note, prepare to feel light-headed with this style notion— Over the knee sequin boots, that don’t look like a stripper? Somebody say Yaaassss….


4) Statement Earrings – Betcha thought I was going to tell you to wear a statement necklace. Nope. What we have in mind is equally as grand though. Go big or go home. Make it drop earrings and how about you introduce an INSANE color? Something like these  was exactly what I have in mind. Wear your hair up  a–la Kim Kardashian to achieve the full effect of this banger It Girl look.


5) A Sparkly Clutch women’s fashion bag –  you become like walking art with this jeweled accessory. Spend a little or a lot on this one.

We hope that you’ve found some inspiration from these New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas (fashion accessories edition). Whatever you do, just remember to be safe, have fun, and wear it with confidence. We’d love to hear from you. Comment below with your fave pick from this post.


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