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Jewelry Designer – Tom Binns Under the Spotlight

02 June 2011 / By Cityrocka Perry
Michelle Obama in  Tom Binns Necklace

Michelle Obama and the rest of the free world are in a torrid steamy love affair with Tom Binns Jewelry. It’s that something special jewelry that you want to slip in and never out of because it just makes you feel so darn good. Coincidentally, tiny beads of sweat are beginning to form along the base of my hairline at the mere thought of decadent layer upon layer of crystal jeweled gemstones which capture the light. They radiate all kinds of happy against the smoothness of my skin. It’s designer jewelry like no other baby. You want to talk about cupid’s arrow or about truly being Star Struck? Then try Michelle Obama, Heidi Klum, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Cate Blanchett, Kelly Rowland and so many more . Tom Binns has been in the jewelry collection game for over 25 years and quite frankly it shows. It’s all jewelry, all of the time. It’s jewelry with purpose—the get-you-some kind that has you craving a particular piece of jewelry so much that you find yourself dreaming about it when you should be sleeping.  Tom Binns, Mr. Jewelry Designer,this ode is to you. Let me, or let us all on count the ways…or the photos of some more celebrities that have gotten the chance to have a rondavue with your precious metals. Also, thanks to Heather for the heads up on this Fab designer. To see more of Tom Binns work, go here.

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