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iwave Headphones and More Edition – Rihanna Work-Work-Works It

03 February 2016 / By Cityrocka Perry
Rihanna Work it in those D&G Headphones

iwave headphones and more, they’re FANCY because Rihanna has been spotted, working in them. It may be VERY ignorant, but this blog post is focused on audio and headphones which serve double duty as a listening device and one of those I- gotta-have-it items that style mavens worship for FORM over function. Go on and Accessorize like a BEAST. Read on. Life is too short not to.

iwave Headphones and Rihanna Working  D&G As A Fashion Anthem?

But of course. It’s not merely a song, but a movement to go for yours. On this fashion blog, during this posting week, Cityrocka Perry is showing you her prime picks of headphones that Rihanna for me. Up first is Ri-Ri’s much talked about and very sold out fashion accessories. Chick is promoting her upcoming ANTI album, but her listening device of choice getting RAVE REVIEWS. They’re Dolce & Gabanna and dripping in Swarovski crystals at a treasure chest full price of $8995

The ones featured at the top of this fashion blog post might not be available, but check out what I came across. The Dolce and Gabanna runner up; Embellished headphones draped in nappa leather, faux pearls, crystals and gold hardware. It’s only run you $6995. Just make sure that your friendly financial institution approves…






And for all of you lovers of Chanel, did you know that you could be listening to Adele in high cross stitch style? It’s  the Chanel Monster Quilted Headphones and a collabo. The players; Swizz Beatz Karl Lagerfeld and Monster are doing it up REAL BIG. Cop a pair at $6000 and their all YOURS.

Chanel headphones are cool

Where are my Fendi fans at? I’ve got something for you too with these fiercely Fendi Headphones pictured below. They’ll have you like a kid with a coloring book and a new box of Crayolas because they come in an assortment of colors and they’re all made with selleria leather that’s like butta.’


Designer Fendi Headphones


I like what’s up next. A LOT. They’re the Beats by DRE MCM Studio Headphones. They’ve got that classic MCM Monogram styling. OMG , have you ever seen the MCM Cross Body bag?


MCM Headphones



Last but not least is the Parrot Zik 3 headphones. Cityrocka is really feeling the croc print and in that money green hue. And the other hues are downright modern. Girl/Boy do your thing. The tag that’s hanging posts $395



Parrot Nik Headphones



These iwave headphones in crystal brings the BLING with it’s boastfully blinding headphones adorned with an abundance of those Swarovski crystals that we all love. Whose got $2k to spare?



iWave Headphones in crystal



Mirror mirror on the wall, whose got the blingiest Rihanna Work headphones of them all…….Shelly Wade?


If you think that this whole headphone thing is but a phase, I can swear by one celebrity who will deny deny deny. Paris Hilton has been out wearing headphones and linking them up with her style for quite a while now. Come to think of it, how do we really even know that she can DJ? Old girl could be up on that platform fake spinning those turn tables clad in always awesome headphones on that Rihanna work vibe…..


Paris Hilton headphones


How To Bring Out Your Own Rihanna Work

Now before Cityrocka wraps everything up, can I get a roll call of who’s here for the more affordable headphones that look FAB; headphones that’s not going to empty your bank account?Shout out to FRENDS and Bauble Bar for bringing their own version of Rihanna work… Still feeling really FRUGAL? Gosh darnitt, okay. Then make your freaking own AWESOME headphones. You’ve got that P.S. I made this chick to thank. You owe her REALLY BIG.

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