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How To Be-Jeweled Without Wearing Any Jewelry

20 May 2011 / By Cityrocka Perry

There are plenty of fantastic jewelry pieces to choose from both online and in stores,

but the option of being fabulously accessorized isn’t limited to just jewelry anymore. These days, it’s all about the embellishments. Whether it’s rhinestones, pyramid studs, buttons, zippers or tassels, people are naturally drawn to what sticks out in an extraordinary way. Best of all, is that this bold sense of style can be showcased on jackets, blazers, pants, handbags, belts and shoes. This is a style trend which is being worn by celebrities all of the time. Think about how many times you’ve seen the singer Rihanna dressed in a leotard, fishnet stockings, and a funky studded leather jacket. In essence, it is the jacket which makes her outfit pop. It’s also that “it” item that the average consumer can obtain, while dazzling anyone who sees them wearing it.

Overall, embellishments bring the shape, the shine, and the textural elements that can bring any clothing level up to a status that actually looks like it’s designer put more time into creating the piece. Shirts with studs strategically placed on the shoulder, or stilettos with tiny studs only along the heels are unique in the fact that it’s not a design that you see every day. Another hugely popular style is tassels on handbags and belts. It can be compared to the pretty bow on a present after you’re done wrapping it. It just adds that finishing touch that will catch people’s eyes.

There’s just one other thing to bear in mind when attempting to pull off this wonderful style look. You never, ever, ever, need to mix your regular pieces with it. It’ll always only be either or. If anything, you can additionally wear perhaps one bold ring, or maybe a pair of simple earring studs. You don’t want to overdo it, because you’re bound to end up looking like a punk rocker. Your goal should be to look accessorized without having to go through all of the effort of layering on actual jewelry. In other words, you shouldn’t have to find just the right necklace and bracelet to go with the earrings that took you over an hour to choose. It’s just tedious, especially because you already had to pick out an outfit to wear, do your hair, and find a suitable pair of shoes. Embellished clothing items offers you the style, but with less effort. Who knew that it could be so easy to do?

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