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Fashion Jewelry Cure For Your Tic Tic Boom

24 January 2016 / By Cityrocka Perry

Fashion Jewelry to the rescue for your TIC. TIC. BOOM. Anxiety.  You know, those BOTHERSOME life questions that we don’t have the real answers to? Like…Will I ever be happy? Why hasn’t the right one come along yet? Will I always work at a dead-end job? Will I ever get my dream apartment/home? Cityrocka Perry gets that it’s not always easy facing the day-to-day challenges of this crazy world, but a STYLE ACCESSORY ASSIST is on the way. Someone please dial 911, yeah. yeah. Not necessary, all thanks to British genius Designer BAbe  Charlotte Garnett and her very own worrisome tendencies.


About Charlotte Garnett’s Anti-Anxiety Fashion Jewelry

Quit toying with the buttons on your blouse and focus on this very fashionable blog post. So yup, Charlotte Garnett isn’t just the owner of Charlotte Garnett Jewellery Design. She’s also a client. Turns out that she was super stressed to the max while attending her final year at a fancy art school. Instead of flipping out, Garnett decided to channel that energy into a positive; one that would benefit her and the many friends of hers who was experiencing the same thing. A collection WAS BORN. Cure For the Itch, is comprised of 3 sub collections, each targeted at relieving repetitive anxiety actions like nail-biting, chain-smoking or fidgeting. Each fashion jewellery piece is specially crafted to promote a relaxed spirit of playfulness and fun





Why You Need to Break Your Bad Habits Now

Because you outchea in these street looking all crazy, that’s why. And besides that, nail-biting, constantly fiddling with your clothes, and endless smoking are making people think exactly what how Luanne de Lesseps is—-so be cool. Don’t be like, all uncool. And this fashion accessories blogger doesn’t think that it can get any easier to fix your bad habit. You just stick them in your pocket or wear one of the baubles out, with no one being the wiser. And if someone does ask, it even sounds cool to say that you’re wearing a spinner ring like the one pictured above.


Fashion-Jewellery-for-stressYou know you want to run your fingers along these jewelry pieces right now.


Getting that urge to chain smoke? No—you’re good.

Still, not quite sold? Then perhaps you might want to find your calm in crystals. Google it. They are rumored to help with depression and a host of other nervous triggers. Until next time, I’m off to shave my head,  twist my legs into a yoga pose and locate my ZEN.

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