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Fashion Bags Mini – Why It Girls and Style Icons Love It So

19 March 2016 / By Cityrocka Perry

Fashion Bags SPOTTED. I spy—songstress celebrity Taylor Swift with a Celine Mini Bag. Wait. I spy Social media Chick and  Lip Kit Peddling Kylie Jenner with a Balenciaga mini bag. Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez, we see you with your Valentino Rock Stud mini bags too in those blog candids. In all actuality, this list could go on and on until-the-break-of-dawn because of how popular this style of a fashion bag is with It Girls. And while the celebrities may be out toting those pricier designer versions, the greatest thing about these bags isn’t necessarily their name brand.

The Best Physical Characteristics Of A Mini Fashion Bag

One might just wonder. Is it that they’re compact and cute? Nope. Is it because mini fashion bags come in an array of colors that can coordinate with your every outfit? Nope. Then it’s got to be because everyone has them and it’s just a cool style trend. Nope, that’s not it either. When I reveal why you’re going to really be like—duh.
Fashion Bags


The Real Reason Why It Girls are Losing Their Minds Over the Mini Fashion Bag.
Are you ready to find out? Well, my fashion accessories lovin’ friends, it’s because the mini fashion bag is most convenient to take along with you—-while using your electronic devices. Chicks can text, talk, or type their pretty lacquered nails away in the process.and that long strap that’s Hooke on each bag? It’s by purposefully designed so that you don’t have to worry yourself about where you put your personal “ish.”

This blogger hopes that she’s thoroughly enlightened you, or at least given you an excuse to rush out and go mini fashion bag shopping. What’s that you say? You wish that you had some to choose from right here and now? Do that thang. Scroll down and make it do what it do. Cityrocka Perry has provided the style accessories goods for your viewing/purchasing pleasure……..

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