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25 Cool iPhone Cases That People Aren’t Up On Yet – 2018 Edition

14 January 2017 / By Cityrocka Perry

Cool iPhone Cases – You want the best so it’s perfectly fine to be Shallow.  IJS, if you’re reading this article, chances are that you’re on the hunt for something extra special. You probably want your phone cover to match your #fashionkilla mood. And there’s nothing wrong with that.  This blogger respects that you get it; accessorizing means investing in one or more phone cases that will compliment your wardrobe. 

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and other A-List Celebrities coordinate their OOTD with their iPhones all of the time, and then WHAM, it instantly becomes a celebrity iPhone case hit. Whether we want to fess up to it or not, these types are the”it girls” that many of us are looking to for style clues. Not convinced? Here’s some eye-opening news to support this Fashion Bloggers statement.  Kim Kardashian is one of the most googled stylish celebrities that there is, coming in with a search ranking way, way, up there in the cosmos.

Cool iPhone Cases Creative| Top 25 List

Let’s get into the rundown.  It’s like a bushel of apples (mostly iPhone cases iPhone 7 cases and above). If you’re all set to get into it, purse your lips, tilt your head, say Cool Phone Cases, and begin…

  1. This personalized iPhone case is one of my faves. And another one.
  2. If you’re into Vintage iPhone case vibes then you’ll heart this one or this phone booth iPhone case.
  3. For my Edgy Girls here’s a little something .
  4.  If you’re a Hello Kitty Fan, this kitty phone case is for you. Or you might like this cat lovers. Like Dogs as in the super cute Snoopy cartoon—Cuddly Bears?
  5.  Moschino lover girls, you know that I got you.
  6. If you’re about that inspired designer monogram life, then LIVE.
  7. And I just know that my Bling iPhone and Sparkle iPhone Chicks always want to stand out.
  8. If you get a kick out of flowers then you will like this 3D floral iPhone case.
  9. Over-the-top-girly type? I have a girly iPhone case and then some.
  10. You want anything SILVER or GOLD Glam deluxe.
  11. If you’re a sensible Fashion Maven who wants pretty girl swag.
  12. Are you one of those women who loves jeans? I’ve got you with this denim phone case.
  13. There are sports girls out there, this I’m sure of. Bae is going to be super impressed.
  14. Holographic nails and a holographic phone case. You ARE that chick for sure.
  15. Fashionista who KNOWS exactly what she wants out of LIFE?
  16. If you believe in the miracle of UNICORNS and consider yourself a unicorn lover
  17. Sneakerhead girls get the love too.
  18. There’s something just so chic about a leopard print phone case .
  19. Rose gold all day, yes or nah?
  20. Ha-Ha and LOL. This is such a funny phone case for real.
  21. City girl practical but bourgeoise iPhone case.
  22. For the feminists in the house and my #metoo women.
  23. Selfie Queens have to be included, maybe even 2X in a post because they love the attention.
  24. If you need to be reminded of just how beautiful YOU ARE. Ever.
  25. Nail design lovers. I’ve got you as well.

 iPhone Cases Awesome

First up is the Glam.Or.Ring created by MUA Aficionado,  Yolonda Frederick-Thompson. It’s an iPhone cover that doubles as a full multi-use makeup palette (which BTW, works on a variety of skin-tones ) with 3 brushes inside!

And wait, it sizes down to several iPhone models and has a credit card/ID holder, a wrist strap and a freakin’ lighted mirror for you to beat your pretty face! Check out YouTube Star and Makeup extraordinaire Jackie Aina RAVING about this iPhone case at an event where she met beautiful songstress Ciara.


On another note, did you know that you can upload an app that is an actual mirror? Either way YOU LOOK AT IT, you’d still be a leader of STYLE, and a force to be reckoned with.

Marble iPhone Case Fab

The Marble iPhone Case– Marble is and will forever and always be a thing.  Get it black and white, tan and white or any other color variation. It’s just a really fresh and modern look that goes with all. In fact, we were so SMITTEN with the marble phone case and the marble fashion trend that we created a video dedicated to the love of it. Check it out below, and feel free to subscribe to our Youtube Channel:

ROSE Gold iPhone Cases

The Rose Gold iPhone Case – Rose gold has officially taken over all of the jewel tones in celebrity iPhone cases fabulous-ness. It just brings fashionistas to their happy place of sparkle and shine. Imagine having the rose gold sunnies (sunglasses) and the rose gold phone case. Chicks will be emitting all kinds of phone Style Swag energy, won’t they?

Phone Cases - Rose Gold+rosegold


Nature phone Cases

The Abalone iPhone Case – Yep, you can totally color match with the new and very controversial Starbucks Unicorn Frappe. My guess is that this is one of those Phone Cases that you’ll want to gaze at all the day long. It’s almost hypnotic, and if you’re into the mermaid phenom then this is the fashion phone case for you.





The Underwater iPhone Case – Because we’ve all set our fun clocks to fun in the sun whenever we can get it, there’s going to be some water action involved.  You’re going to want to capture those moments. Enter the underwater phone case. Live it and love it. Is anyone besides me wondering if the fish in the photo would bite?


Fun and Functional – But Cool iPhone Cases

Fun iPhone Cases – Everything different and cute fit the description for this one.  Think Unicorn  iPhone cases, glitter you might not want to get, hugs and kisses or words with a message.  It’s all an expression of your amazing upbeat and carefree personality don’t you think?


The cool iPhone Cases Holder – Okay, so it may not fit into the Celebrity iPhone Cases category, but it’s tabletop appeal and function make it a must-have. I could see getting this one for work when you don’t want to be so OBVI about checking your Instagram account timeline.


The Bag Case – Sometimes you just don’t feel like toting around a purse right Babes? You still need your phone and your debit card and or some cash. Meet the cross body bag case. This one is universal, and it’ll get the job done of storing your fashionista essentials. The quilted design is a style plus.





Floral iPhone Cases

The Floral iPhone Case. Floral cases; if you can’t surround yourself with fresh flowers 24-7, floral cases are like the second best thing. I’m a fan of the green Fuji mum, lavender, and all white carnations. Yep, they can look expensive in the right vase situated in the right place. Check out our flower power picks here


Geometric Cool iPhone Cases

The Geometrical iPhone Case – Geo and Stripes are are a great way to make a modern fashion statement, and the iphone case is no exception.  Check out another one of our top picks here.

cool iphone cases

Cool iPhone Cases Good-good |More Of it

Are you were wondering how I came up with my blog title? The 25 Phone Cases That Any 2018 Fashionista Would Actually Swear By number? Let me explain. I try to always over-deliver.  Below are more cool iPhone cases that are Cityrocka Perry Fashion Accessories approved. I’ve got you. I’m just trying to keep you cool iPhone cases fashionable.

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Blog Comments

Hi dear and thank you very much for your friendship on IFB. I’m very happy!!! Congratulations for this post….so nice cases!!! Have a nice day, kisses,

Eniwhere Fashion
Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

Cityrocka Perry

Hello Eni, of course! Wonderful to know you on IFB as well. Thank you, and please come back and comment anytime 🙂


My favorite is the Diamond Limited Edition iPhone Case! Bling is my thing!!

Cityrocka Perry

Hi Alicia, you’ve great STYLISTA taste! Please come back and feel free to comment anytime 🙂


Love the mirrored case, maybe it’s vain and shallow but it is also useful.


OMG pepper spray phone case!

YES! I need this 😉 girlll….

great post! xoxoxxo


The pepper Spray iPhone Case is a super cool thing for any lady to own!


The mirror one is really cool. I have an android though and Have to have a otter box to protect it. I am known to break phones lok.

Cityrocka Perry

Hi Cami, everyone, even android lovers are welcome on! The only must is that you have style, and that shows 🙂


i like the pepper spray iphone case and the mirrior iphone case looks like those could come in handy


hahaha omg they are so cute! love em!! Although i am loving the mirror case more. A girl always has to have a mirror around and this is perfect way to carry it around.

Cityrocka Perry

Hi Sylve, Cityrocka Perry couldn’t cosign with your statement more! Come back and comment anytime 🙂


These are so cute. There is something for everyone. You are right, Kim K would really like these too. Thank you so much for sharing

Cityrocka Perry

Thank you for commenting Linda!


Thank you for showing us all the cool iphone cases. I like them all, but I like the Rebecca Minkoff one the most. I love the little chain and the closure hardwear on the front of the case.

Cityrocka Perry

My pleasure Deborah. Yes Rebecca Minkoff knows about STYLE and putting in the details!


Those are some great cases. I don’t have an iphone though, or any mobile phone for that matter.

Cityrocka Perry

Cityrocka Perry admires you Sandra. Cell phones are nothing more than ADDICTIVE tracking devices. Hold on a sec…..I think I’m getting a call 🙂 Thanks for commenting, return anytime.


What is the attraction that people have with this family? First off, I’m not a hater, troll, or whatever they call it. I just couldn’t care less about what goes on in their daily lives.

Cityrocka Perry

Hi Lisa, Cityrocka knows what you mean. I think that most of us are fascinated by that alone, along with their fan makeup and wardrobe 🙂


cute phone cases, my daughter would love them


Cute cases! I love the chocolate bar one

Kellie’s Kollection


the mirror case!


I adore the phone bag case!


I’m sorry but Kim K Just doesn’t appeal to me that much. As far as these cases go most are ridiculous. But there are a few cute ones.


I love my cases to be simple, just a print on the back is enough


I really like the pepper spray case and The Rebecca Minkoff Paris Phone Bag. These are all so very nice. Thank you for sharing


I’d love a Hermes iPhone case so beautiful ????

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