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Fashion Designer – A Showcase With A Cause With Bloggers Elle and Rue

10 June 2018 / By Cityrocka Perry

A Fashion Designer showcase like no other recently went ALL THE WAY DOWN on April 28, 2018. If you didn’t hear about the New York City Angelman Syndrome Collection Presentation,  Awards & Creative Arts NYC then be on the lookout to try and nab yourself some tickets for next year. Seriously, the show was undeniably eye-candy Aahhhh-mazing—with clothing design creations by a group of some of the brightest fashion designers out in these streets making folks way fashionable.  Fashion designers (from the USA, the UK, Africa, Europe and India) came together, not just to showcase and receive recognition for their top threads, but to support a worthy cause. Read on for inspiration on this event that started from the heart of a woman with a mission poised to make magic that culminated its way out onto the runway.

Fashion Designer

A Showcase with Purpose

The New York City Angelman Syndrome Collection Presentation Awards & Creative Arts NYC  is some kind of special. I received an invite to attend from the most wonderful Joanna Marcella. The aim is to put the spotlight on Angelman Sydrome, a genetic disorder that occurs in one in 15,000 live births, causing developmental disabilities and nerve-related symptoms.  The event also included the Fashion Designers and Craft Makers (FDC) Young Designer Awards, a ceremony with the goal of creating an international platform for emerging young designers who have found their niche as individuals with the potential of becoming a brand in their own right.

Bring on the fun, because I sent along two of my best Brand Ambassadors Elle and Rue, (of the Elle and Rue Blog). Rue was my main interviewer for this most prestigious event, and Elle was her most perfect sidekick. I just knew that these ladies would do a stellar job of getting all of the best Fashion Designer scoop with a twist. I knew that they would SHOW UP and SHOW OUT. In terms of getting all the 411 on The New York City Angelman Syndrome Collection Presentation Awards & Creative Arts NYC, I knew that they would DELIVER. And deliver they did. Check it:

Fashion Designer: Hawwaa Ibrahim

fashion designer

(Rue) Tell me about yourself and how you got started. I go to FIT. I’m original from Chicago, but I moved to Minnesota before starting school here in New York. So I actually got into designing when I was around 12. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and doing DIY’s in my spare time. But then it expanded into fashion. And then at 14, my mom bought me my first sewing kit and it went from there.


(Rue) What’s your favorite part about being a designer? My favorite part could be making designs for myself that I don’t really see in stores or just getting my idea out there. I have a specific thing that I want to see in runway that I don’t really see so I really enjoy doing that.


(Rue)What was your first internship like? To be honest, I have actually never had an internship. I’ve just kind of done my own thing, but I’m hoping to get an internship this summer so we’ll see.


(Rue)What is your biggest accomplishment? I never know how to answer this question because I feel like everything I’ve done so far makes me so happy. I’m just shocked that I even made it this far.

Fashion Designer: Taylor Love of Taylor Love Couture Facebook/Instagram: @taylorlovecouture

fashion designer

(Rue)Have you had any internships or jobs in the fashion industry? I’ve worked with Vera Wang and that was one of my favorite jobs. I absolutely loved it! I got to work on their gowns and touch $28,000 dresses that I’ll probably never wear. But from that experience, I learned to have patience and not to sacrifice my art for the price.

(Rue)How do you want people to feel in your clothes? I want women to feel empowered. I want them to feel sexy and know that they are bosses. I want them to feel like they can run the world.

Fashion Designer: Kymberly Achuba of Designs by K.Y. Instagram: @designsbyk.y

fashion designer

(Rue)How did you get started? So I have been designing for two years now. I decided at a point that I really wanted to take fashion design seriously so I went back to school for design. I just wanted to be an inspiration for my daughter and she’s so happy when she sees me doing what I love.

(Rue) What is the hardest part about being a designer? The hardest part about designing is putting yourself into it. I am so reserved and being in this industry, I have had to learn to push past my comfort zone. It’s been hard doing so but it’s been a blessing.

Well, that’s a wrap for this Fashion Designer meets a great cause Blog post. For more fashion and or information (so that you can attend the next time),  feel free to visit the FDC Young Designer Awards Website Hope you enjoyed. Thanks again to Elle and Rue. I heart you for LIFE ladies.


Cityrocka Perry

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