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Fashion Blog | Blogger Cityrocka Perry at your service.  Peeps, hello. Thank you for visiting us on!  I’ve written up a helpful list of FAQ’s below that will hopefully answer any questions that you may have about me or this website. Please feel free to contact me if there’s anything else  that you’d like to know. Business inquiries are welcome. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Fashion Blog – Womens Accessories FAQ’S

Right. So WHO THE HECK IS Cityrocka Perry? Well, That would be me! I got this idea to create a website where my infatuation of Fashion Accessories and Jewelry could find a home where #fashionforward and #fashionaccessory lovers could LIVE and LOVE. I basically felt the need to create a hub where fashion trends jewelry and  trendy fashion accessories could be showcased. Generally speaking, this includes shiny fashion jewelry baubles, fashion jewelry rings, fashion jewelry necklaces, women’s belts, designer bags, women’s hats, women’s shoes—you know, those pieces that make an OOTD (outfit of the day) complete.  This is my niche, that thing which sets me apart from other fashion blogs and gossip blogs.      

Where are you from? I’m a native New Yorker (ahem–hence the name—CityRocka). You may be able to tell by my fast-paced posts. I pretty much write how I live; fast and furious; a girl smitten with every aspect of adornments and high style.  

Why exactly are you so OBSESSED with Fashion Forward Womens Accessories Online? First, I love all types of accessories, not just the trendy ones!  I feel like accessories are a part of who you are. Let’s face it,  you’re never fully dressed until you put on that one last item, be it earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, a handbag or a stylish scarf (please not all of these things at once though).  What I’ve discovered, is that individuals can really gain their personal fashion forward womens accessories lane once they get creative with trendy fashion or classic pieces with an added twist. There’s just so much out there—-skin paints, jewelry for shoes, hair, and more. You’ll see, we’ll only post the latest and greatest accessory trends. All you need to do is Follow us on our ItGirlAccessories Instagram Page because that’s where we’ll show our favorite accessories looks first.

Why Should I become a regular visitor on Because  I’m politely asking you to?!?  No, the real answer to this question is because it’s all about you.  YOU are actually the “IT Girl” who we serve. YOU could easily be that girl on the cover of a style magazine (as pictured  above), because of how YOU pair your accessory picks with YOUR wardrobe.

So… Is This Website a Fashion Accessories and Jewelry Store? Nope, not so much. We feature popular accessory trends, but is actually more of a PLATFORM for fashion Jewelry and Accessories. We make recommendations and do all of the grunt work—-just so you don’t have to. If it passes our must-have-accessory test, then we’ll showcase it and lead you in the direction on where to purchase it.

Fashion Blog – About The Itgirl Squad:

The Itgirl Squad Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Reviewers – Who Are They?  So happy that you asked. They are the 4 newest additions to the team. Each one was handpicked by me, Cityrocka Perry, (the Head blogger and founder of this website). Each of the girls were meticulously selected for their dynamic Fashion Forward Womens Accessories style choices. And while all of them are super unique, they do all share a common love of accessorizing, so any OOTD is a distinctive one!


What Do They do exactly?  Well, they’ll be reviewing as many accessory goodies as they can get their pretty manicured hands on. Expect to get the good, the bad and the ugly on whether a particular fashion accessory is worth spending your hard-earned money on. This includes women’s accessories that you’ve seen on Instagram and the ones that you’ve never seen or heard of.


Fashion Blog Featuring Womens Accessories


*If you’re interested in becoming an Itgirl Squad brand rep, then send us an email by using the form below. We’re at capacity now, but we’re always actively recruiting!*


Trendy Fashion Accessories Reviewer Alyssa Perez
MEET:  Itgirl Squad Reviewer Glambyalyssaperez. Alyssa is our premiere resident fashion maven of Glam. She’s got a love for diamond chokers and body jewelry in particular, but what we adore about her the most is her inner shine. This self-taught makeup artist on the rise is all about the goal of exuding confidence; a quality that she hopes to extend to everyone who she gets the opportunity to build a connection with.  You can Keep Up With Alyssa by Following her on her personal Instagram page.


Trendy Fashion Accessories Reviewer Amber P

MEET: Itgirl Squad Reviewer Amber. Amber embodies Southern Charm at its best, combined with a hippy chick/girl-next-door beauty  that makes her stand out from a crowd. But there’s so much more to this “belle” and admirer of what can best be described as “contemporary chic” fashion accessories. In addition to being a student majoring in early childhood development, she finds time to hold true to a worthy cause; a love of animals. You can follow Amber on her personal Instagram page here.



Trendy Fashion Accessories Kris Y

MEET: Itgirl Squad Reviewer Kris Yong. Kris is an international beauty who finds enjoyment in the simplistic and more unique fashion accessories. She’s definitely possesses that It-Girl factor which will have you drawn to those items that she loves best and why she chose them. As a student and photography enthusiast, you’d just want to follow her on her personal Instagram page for everything so fresh, and so new.



Trendy Fashion Accessories Reviewer Jamilyn S

MEET: Itgirl Squad Reviewer Jamilyn Seller. Jamilyn is our big city dweller to be SEEN on the scene. She’s a fan of fashion accessories with brand names, but she isn’t opposed to trying out new designers as well. And the fact that she’s a video editor and graphics whiz only proves the factual; there’s more to what you see, and the best of her is yet to come in achieving her goals. Follow her on her personal Instagram page right here, right. now.


Fashion Blog – Work With Us 

We love collaborating with brands to create successful partnerships! One of the best advantages of working with us  is that we’ve already established a targeted niche of fashion accessories lovers who are just waiting to see what we will offer up next on our fashion blog ;o).  There are many ways in which we can work together to get your brand’s message out to the audience. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sponsored blog post
  • Banner Ads
  • Brand Ambassadorships
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsored social media posts

We will happily consider offers of gifted items & services that fit the spirit of this Accessories Blog. Please be aware that if you do choose to send us a product for review or to invite us to an event without compensation, we do not guarantee a post.  We are unable to review or feature products that do not physically fit, or are in any way defective. A return shipping label is required with all products in order to facilitate any product exchange or return. Applicable duty taxes & custom fees are the sole responsibility of the brand.

If you are interested in working with the fashion blog in a mutually beneficial way, please get in touch. You can email me,  Cityrocka Perry with all of the relevant details & pertinent links using the form below.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Please Note: At this time, cannot: Accept Guest Posts | Participate in link exchanges | Post previously published and/or non exclusive content | Publish infographics | Accept items which we have not chosen ourselves | Accept items with unpaid duty taxes or charges | Include dofollow links for any gifted product, sponsored post or banner ad.


How Can I Contact You Cityrocka Perry? Contact Form

Here’s to us being new Fashion Forward Womens Accessories friends!


Cityrocka Perry


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