Michael Kors Fashion Accessories Turned Me Into A Stalker

Michael Kors Fashion Accessories Turned Me Into A Stalker…

Michael Kors knows a thing or two about the details—why it’s essential to have them, and how to snatch our attention with all things shiny. Darn him for making me LOVE him for what he masterminds. In the business since 1981, this designer with nearly 35 years of fashion expertise has gone on to prove that he’s not new to this, he’s true to this. MK here, MK there, whatever MK makes, the fashionistas want it all. And although it’s true that there’s something to be said for a simple design, sometimes the draw is in craving that more is more product that is intentionally overdone. Yes Cityrocka Perry said intentionally; as in Michael Kors is heck-yeah purposeful in all of his style choices. Hello—he was a designer for Celine at one point guys, which means that he’s very minimalist capable as well. Let’s give respect where respect is due. Michael, you can be modest, but this style accessories blogger is going to continue to write boastfully on your behalf. Michael Kors is a CFDA Award Womens Wear Designer of the Year recipient, a Project Runway Alumni, and he’s got flagship stores in most major cities. Wait—why am I so amped up when no one is even debating me on the subject? LoL. It’s time for me to exercise calm, the opposite of #nochill. So, let’s get into it, what the majority of the world loves about Michael Kors and what we’re stalking for this upcoming  New Year. All photos are straight from the super source on Michaelkors.com.


I have a fondness for all of the colors Mr.Michael Kors, but Every girl wants a gray bag. No really, every one of us does, but it has to be in the proper neutral shade of gray.

M.K. hit the ball out of the park with this one, and then he stepped it up by adding pyramid studs.


Cityrocka is sensing a theme here….. It’s a new take on 70’s fashion, but with a modern twist. I’ll take the shades, the bag and the belt…..



Color Block – The color combinations are BOMB aren’t they? It looks really expensive, that brown white and black. Again, the sandals, the bag, the belt.

They can all be styled so many ways .


This M.K. watch in All Black Everything. Dare I say that it makes me want to become a better person and never be tardy for anything again?


And while we’re on the subject of watches….*Gasp. Somebody resuscitate this jewelry girl. She needs two strong doses of M.K. bold jewelry

on her wrist STAT. OMG. Cityrocka Perry would volunteer to give perfect strangers the time all day….


Gotta run. No really, I’ve gotta run right now, to get this M.K. Bag and sneaker style. How gorgeous and edgy are they?


M.K. Brings us classic sneakers with a fringe detail and gold hardware. Who wants a pair?


These. Michael. Kors. Suede . Gabby. Shoes. Are. Everything. They make any foot look alluring, dressed up or dressed down.


Michael Kors had updated the fanny pack to a logo leather pouch belt combination created for just for the It-Girls. And Cityrocka Perry is fully here for it.

 On a shirt dress, or around a vneck? Yes please.


This horizontal striped Michael Kors Glitter Smart Phone Case will exemplify that you’re someone with great taste—and you’ll also be BLINGY as you use it.

Well, I could’ve gone on and on until the break of dawn with more M.K. Accessories, but all good things must come to an end. Now as for the Michael Kors Gossip?  Too messy.

Besides, this Chick wants to see FREE M.K. Trinkets in her future, so I’ll leave the dirty work for someone else to handle. It’s all for you though…but don’t believe everything that

you read. Michael Kors, are we GOOD?

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