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Chanel Bag Taboos You Should Break…Now

Chanel Bag Taboos You Should Break…Now

Ahhh, the coveted Chanel bag. The Classic Flap Bag in lamb skin, the Boy Brick Flap, the Perfect Edge bag, the Hologram Clutch—there are scores of styles which beckon out to each and every fashionista(o) with pupils which are drawn to that quilted fabric, and those intertwined double C’s which make up that famous monogram. Even celebrities like to put their favorite Chanel bag on display in show of status and monetary circumstance. For those who have the cash to lay out—say anywhere from $1000 up to  $261, 000 (261K is the price tag on the Chanel Diamond Forever Handbag, one of the 10 most expensive handbags in the world) it’s all unicorns and rainbows. But for most of us, we have to save up, beg, borrow or steal (BTW, I don’t condone bag theft) TO BE ABOUT THAT CHANEL LIFE.Pipe in the sad and depressing music, but loop in a jagged record scratch. All is not lost. who says that you can’t have bag style on a budget? You absolutely can achieve a similar look for less. You can spare yourself the degradation of buying yourself a replica, and still be just as cute as you want to be.

But What If Someone Asks Me That Dreaded Chanel Question?

If you mean the, “Is That A Chanel?” question,then you simply respond,

“Does it say that it is? This is a quilted bag. I liked the style, and I’ve still got money left in my bank account.”

See how they like that as a proper answer, because Cityrocka Perry loves it. You see, not having a Chanel bag isn’t TABOO, acting like you can afford one when you really can’t is. Trust that Cityrocka won’t mislead you. Up, up and away back to the top of this post to check out the bags that will GET-ER-DONE with high style.  Aimee from Song of Style is the Blogger who got my vote as the blogger who ROCKED it best, and that electric blue quilted bag dream shown above? God, I  SO WANT IT NOW. Let me close out this post by saying that my quilted bag selections aren’t for everyone. Many would live and die for an authentic Chanel, and if I may be frank, I’ll also add that starting a Chanel fund is ALIVE and REAL. So please, no hate mail, because Cityrocka Perry is well versed in the advantages of owning the real thing. The resale value (Chanel bag price increase), the quality, and even the superficial bragging rights that you’d have access to. What do you say? Is faking it until you make it okay, or would you rather have one of your arms entirely SAWED OFF if you couldn’t have THE ORIGINAL?


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