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GirlBoss – How to Be One; Print Your Own 3D Accessories

19 November 2015 / By Cityrocka Perry
Girlboss 3D Fashion Accessories

GirlBoss. Boss Chick or Boss Boy, whichever applies to you, step into your destiny (cue inspiring Rocky sound track).  This Accessories Blogger is BEYOND excited to share the scoop on a specialty company called that allows you to CREATE your own 3D print jewelry and SELL it. This is not a sponsored post, and I’m this; sharing some of my fave inspiration pieces. You can make everything from awesome necklace pendants, to chic cuff links, to key-chains, to bold bracelets, to rad rings and you have full control over all of the designs. Cityrocka Perry is dreaming of fashion jewelry accessories to rock out in, but the problem stems from not having the access to make it happen.

Girlboss Check – Who Should Be Really Hyped About This Style Accessory News?

Well, bloggers and Vloggers for sure-sure. I mean, aren’t You within that core group of people as eager as a beaver to establish a burgeoning brand? You could turn round and sell customized items on your site; products which are a reflection of precisely who you are as a boss and a style maven. For your already established fans,friends, and followers, making the choice has got to be almost effortless. C’mon, even if you aren’t into any of the above you have to admit that the girlboss concept is way cool. In itself,  a real ego boost is that you can say that what you’re wearing is conceptualized by YOU, YOUSELF, and ONLY YOU.

Why Cityrocka Perry Cosigns This 3D Girlboss Business Idea

Because I can and want to. But that’s not all though. I like that touts itself as being anti accessory vendors who are peddling nothing but the usual.  They called most accessories “overly priced and soulless jewelry design.” They also take care of order fulfillment, packaging, and shipping. For more info, BAM. And here’s a fact for you. Did you know that on average, jewelry is 13X more expensive than the production costs? Are you sold on the concept? Is 3D printing is the wave of the future in a girlboss driven society?

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