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Epic Fail Accessories – Return to Sender Gifts

25 December 2014 / By Cityrocka Perry

Epic Fail Accessories… 

return to Sender Gifts. By now, you’ve clawed off the fancy gift wrapping and demolished that pristine (is that velvet?) bow. Happy Holidays,  Cityrocka Perry is just hoping that you got exactly what you’ve been wanting for the past 300 and some odd days. Unfortunately, we can’t all hit the STELLAR GIFTS lottery. I totally did though. I accomplished this feat by creating a personal wish list of sorts, and by making use of my trusty credit card. As giddy as a kid being interviewed on the ELLEN SHOW, I can tell you that I got a modern white and shiny Keurig coffee maker, the new iPhone 6, and a Wii with a Zumba Fitness game. And nope, I don’t NEED any one of those items, but honestly, the NEED stemmed from the urge for a girl to spoil herself and go all out for Christmas just this freakin’ once—because I can.

But back to the importance of YOU in this special holiday edition entry. By chance if you didn’t receive what you wanted, then I’m taking names of the culprits. They can kiss my As—no, make that my A-C-C-E-S-S-O-R-I-E-S, as in accessories.  Cityrocka will call them out real good on my next Accessories and Celebrity Gossip Blog Post. Of course they probably won’t know about it, but the deed is sure to make you feel better. No worries, I’ll be upset enough for the both of us—hence this public blog rant. But do you know what would make me even ANGRIER??? (Simply visualize Cityrocka on level 10 of the ENRAGED scale). I’ll tell you what would make me even angrier—if you received any of the Epic Fail Accessories gifts  that I’m about to mention in this post. Losing it will happen for sure.  To sum up how I feel on the subject, I’ll  offer my 3 words of advice. RETURN. TO. SENDER. Okay, in total make that 10 words. BECAUSE. AIN’T. NOBODY. GOT. TIME. FOR. THAT.


  • A Teeny-Tiny Diamond Ring – You just got engaged? Congratulations are in order, really mean it. But if you’re going to pop the question, then please make it count by producing a TANGIBLE jewelry ACCESSORY. How’s a girl/guy supposed to take you serious over a diamond that she or he can’t even see?


  • Counterfit Christian Louboutin Shoes – This one is almost a never-do given. How do you expect a person to react to when they find out that you’ve purchased them fraudulent goods? Buyer beware of being taken out in cuff yourself, you cheapo, you faux accessories Receiver of presents, when someone shows you who they are, believe them.


  • Previously Owned Jewelry Accessories – Seriously, did you give someone a gift that you once planned on giving to someone else? Did you get amnesia and forget that you had his/her monogram inscribed into one of the charms on that bracelet? You absolutely get the side-eye glance. Tacky-much?


Scroll on down if you want to step onto the welcome mat of jewelry Accessories which reeks with success…

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Lovely! I adore your style of writing. (:

♥ | | xoxo


Thanks Carsla, Feel free to come by anytime. Your blog and writing style is GORGEOUS as well.

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