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Snob Proof -10 Epic Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Cheapskates

03 December 2016 / By Cityrocka Perry
Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas running on empty? Well, what you may be experiencing really isn’t that uncommon. We’ve all been on the receiving end. You noisily tear off the frilly red bow and gold paper wrapping only to discover that what’s inside of the gift box is—a package of socks. Or yet another toaster that heaven only knows you really don’t need. Holiday gifts are supposed to make people happy, not turn them into being dishonest folks forced to pretend smile and feign December 25th,

gratefulness. And therein lies the motivation for this 10 Epic Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Cheapskates blog post. Now that I’ve pointed it out, I’m sure that you really don’t want anyone feeling such a way. “But the people I know are so hard to shop for.” “I want to get nice Christmas gifts for my loved ones, but I’m on a budget.” Don’t even bother to worry about these pressing questions which plague the most of us. As a part of the solution, we’re going with that common adage, where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Christmas Gift Ideas and the SNOB

Let’s first breakdown the Google definition of a snob. Snob: A person who believes that their tastes in a particular are superior to those of other people. If this is the case, then your gift giving job is to prove them wrong. You’re about to display that your Christmas Gift Ideas reign supreme by getting them that item that they can cherish, and guess what? It’s going to be affordable. If you aren’t familiar with it, then welcome to the world of Fashion Jewelry Accessories and Personalized Items.


List of 10 Best Christmas Gifts Ever

The first few slots all fall under the monogrammed category. That means that you are Christmas idea gifting an item intended to have personal meaning. It’s a piece of fashion jewelry with their first one or two initials, or have their first name written out.

1 – A monogram or Initial necklace. What’s great about it is that they come in various styles and fonts, suited for the personality of the intended. I.e.…your grandmother might be worthy of classic script and your teenaged niece may fancy a playful graffiti print. The cost shouldn’t be under $40.
2 – A monogram bracelet. They’re all the rage, a great option that’s even more modern than the monogram necklace, with all of the advantages. Prices run anywhere between $25 and $45.
3 – A monogram ring. I wouldn’t go with the full name, just an initial or two at the very most. It’s classic. Just remember that you’ll need to get ring sizing if you select this one.
4 – Statement necklace. If you want to WOW someone, by all means do it with a statement necklace. Don’t think that you have to go with something big and chunky. They have the most sophisticated minimalist necklaces out there these days. Every time they wear it they’ll think of you. You should be able to find a beautiful one for $30 or less.
5 – Statement Earrings. This particular type of earring set stands out, and appears to look more expensive than what they cost. It could be a pretty duo of earring studs or something that dangles. They’re cheap enough that you could even select an assortment. Imagine getting three sets of statement earrings for under $40.00!
6 – Cuff Bracelet. There’s no sizing involved, unlike a ring. I’d get one in a gold or silver finish because it’ll look absolutely regal on the wrist. An elegant one shouldn’t have you shelling out more that $15-$25.
7 – Scarf. A satiny scarf in a beautiful design that is not too busy; an accessory that you can surely wear with more than one outfit. A fashionista can either accessorize by wearing it on their head or around their neck. The price range is anywhere from $10- $25.
8 – Belt. Yes, I said a belt, make that belts. You could go for 2 or 3 in faux suede or a textured one. Get a basic color and one fancy. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Nab the fashion accessories favorite for anywhere from $10 – $30.
9 – A Cell Phone Case. This is a smart choice to go with if you’re already in the know of which phone type your friend/loved one has. Don’t think about buying any of the plastic ones with cutesy illustrations. How about investing in a case that does double duty as a phone and a mirror or say a phone and a money card holder?
10 – Me. When all else fails in regards to which one of the above Christmas Gift Ideas to run with, reach out to me, Cityrocka Perry. I’m your reliable Fashion Jewelry and Accessories expert at large. I’ll ask you a few questions about you, your budget, and the person getting the gift and I’ll be happy to give you a few handy Christmas Gift Ideas suggestions.

Chat again soon,

Cityrocka Perry


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