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5 Fashion Accessories Gifts That You’d Dare the Grinch to Steal…

22 December 2014 / By Cityrocka Perry

5 Swanky Fashion Accessories Gifts…

  • that You’d Dare the Grinch to Steal…Yes, I said the Grinch. The one in the same, low down despicable green animated character  who you’ve probably only read about in Dr. Seuss’ children’s books (How the Grinch Stole Christmas). We all remember what he did, sneaking into those homes in the dead of night, victimizing hardworking families whose only wish was to have a memorable fashion holiday. He’d take everything that he could see, the presents, the cookies, the milk, the stockings hung on the mantle, and heavens no—even the tree.   I’d show him I would, I’d show him good if I could, that Grinch would run off the same way that  he came in. If you’re asking yourself if Cityrocka Perry  just threatened the Grinch then you understand exactly where I’m coming from. When it comes to me and my Accessories, no one messes with me. These are accessories which I’ve hand-picked as Christmas presents, not only for my family and friends, but I’ve also beautifully wrapped them up and purchased one of each for myself(don’t judge me, these fashion accessories are the bomb). I don’t know if you’ve completed all of your Christmas shopping yet, but the countdown clock is tick -tocking. You’ve only got a few days left before the holiday is here, but I get it. You’ve been busy, doing everything else but. And besides that,  going to an overcrowded mall or your super packed local Mega Shopping store clueless on what to buy is probably the last thing that you want to do. Happy holidays. Cityrocka is here to bring you the best in her top 5 picks for presents that any fashionista(o) will LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. In fact, they’ll be so good that you too, will  become just like me in making that Grinch think twice before entering your abode.

1-The Chanel No. 5 Clutch Perfume Bottle

It’s a hot item. Rihanna recently stepped out with one in  New York, in the West Village. Chick makes it look extremely Cas(casual), but its price tag is just the opposite at a whooping $9500.00. But fear not my Cityrocka Perry Blog Besties. I found a Style Blogger who can bring you the equivalent in Accessories JOY, for only a small fraction of the price. Blogger Alana runs Dream Create, and she’s got a DIY  Perfume Clutch tutorial that will make you hand her your first born child. I’m doing double duty on the WHO ROCKED it feature of this post. Rihanna is our celebrity, and Alana, is for sure my blogger of choice when it comes to WHO ROCKED this accessory best.

2-Statement Earrings

You’ve heard about Statement Necklaces  I’m sure, but look for Statement Earrings to shine front and center as an upcoming Style Trend in 2015 and beyond. It’s all about GIVING FACE. And earrings which sparkle? They only ADD TO your beauty lovelies.

3-The Selfie Stick

Whatevs. I know that the Selfie Stick doesn’t fit into the fashion style Accessories category, but HOW ELSE are you supposed to show off  the accessories that you have; in the very best way that you can? It’ll give you just the angle that you need to keep you SELFIE SATISFIED.  Anyways, Celebrity Socialite Amber Rose is definitely putting her Selfie Stick to WERK.  Celebrity Gossip alert – Celebrity Gossip Alert – A divorce is in the cards for Amber and her ex hubby, but actually,  it seems like she wants that old thing back.  Rapper Wiz Khalifa seems to have clearly moved on though. Amber, Cityrocka Loves your style and star power nonetheless…

4-Louboutin Nail Polish

We heart those alluring red soles, but not everyone can afford Christian Louboutins. However, that ever-popular red shade in a nail polish that’s $50.00? Yep, we can swing that, and it still makes us a part of that exclusive CL club. And BTW yes, you can get it another fashion hue, but really, why would you even want to?

5-Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Cityrocka Perry is really REACHING with this find, and she knows it. It’s not an accessory in the same way that a  Starbucks paper cup can be—but it would suit any Diva(o). Just add your special blend of Joe or tea, and let it do its thing because manual stirring—-it’s so LOW BROW on the scale of tedious tasks.


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