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Snooki – Hustling at Flea Markets to Make Ends Meet?

Snooki Polizzi. The world watched her grow up and mature from the alcohol-obsessed Jersey Shore girl into—a grown woman. And much like our girl Khloe Kardashian, Snooki has gone through one heck of a physical transformation too. This chick has managed to build a real BRAND, and even though she’d like to be referred to as Nicole (Cityrocka twirls pinkie finger), the world will always recognize her as being— Snooki. Snooki, the brass, overly tanned, heavy makeup sporting poufy-haired character with absolutely NO CHILL ZONE. Since the Jersey Shore TV show, Snooki has gotten a spinoff (Snooki and JWOWW), and developed an apparel line.  We all know that the lifespan of Reality Stars can be short-lived, but has her star fizzled?

Is Snooki Really A Has-Been?

Old News is New news. Cityrocka wasn’t the original Celebrity Gossip source, but the photos do tell a vivid story. Yep, Snooki is selling stuff. And while I don’t have a solid Snooki Net Worth number to boomerang your way, just know that she’s now hustle-woman, and the goods are on the table. Rachel Zoe–literally.  It seem as though Snooki was peddlin’ necklaces ($15), beaded bracelets ($12), cups and other accessories stuff at the market.

“Just Trying to Make A Living”

That’s apparently what Snooki answered when other vendors asked her what she was doing at the Red Bank Flea Market location in the first place. Well get this. Cityrocka isn’t one to KNOCK A HUSTLE. She never has been, and never will be. Trying to earn a living out here is REAL. And so what if Snooki was selling accessories like the items that she has listed on her website? It’s appropriately called  The Snooki Shop  and not the Nicole Polizzi Shop. Up for sale online is clothing and accessories–sunglasses, bracelets, rhinestone jewelry—stuff that one could basically find at—-Claires. No shade, but take a gander for yourself if you like.

Snooki and the Bottom Line

Accessories and  Clothing hustling at flea markets or NOT, the truth still prevails. Snooki still has more dollars in the bank than this Style Accessories Blogger Cityrocka Perry. She’s happily married to that lil’ cutie pa-tootie Jionni, and she’s got a perfect set of kids, one in each gender. Snooki. I’m so fist-pumping your efforts.  You’d. Better. Werk…. I’m about to Rep the Snooki Tanning products all day, because it’s all about being an advocate…on this Accessories Style Blog.

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  • Sean
    June 17, 2015

    I, too, am fist pumping her efforts. Money is money and someone has to make a living?@!?!?!?

  • Linda Manns Linneman
    October 22, 2015

    Good for her for being a hustler. I love shopping at our flea market. I often pick up some very nice items. Thank you for sharing a little bit about her. Very interesting

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