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Sarah Jessica Parker – Her Shoe Line a Shoe In Or Nah?

22 April 2015 / By Cityrocka Perry

Sarah Jessica Parker might as well be—–Carrie, from Sex in the City.To see her out and about, sans her tiny tots, not preoccupied in Mom-mode makes us all do a double take. Carrie??? The sightings are very GLAM-satisfying these days; there’s sequins and cool snazzy prints, and Oh my GOD, the Accessories that she has on. They’re the type of Accessories that one would expect to see on a STAR, detailed chain link and bauble—crystal dot necklaces, statement rings of which I’d gladly give my left foot for (Guess I’d have to rule out wearing anklets of any kind on that leg, but at least I’d have those rings). And then there’s the shoe line. Stay with me. Not Carrie Bradshaw’s, thee Manolo Blahnik obsessed. I’m speaking of Sarah Jessica Parker. Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker has a shoe line, I’m positively  sure of it. Here’s a mouthful for you. It’s called the SJP Collection; actually, the capsule for Zappos Couture, The Strip.

More About the SJP Collection  – The Strip

Cityrocka believes that the SJP Collection – has the ability to incite something magical. The-Wizard-of-Oz-Dorothy-I-Must-Have-Those-Shoes-Because-I’ll-Be-That-Much-Closer-To-Being-As-Stylish-As-Carrie-Magical. Amazingly, I have yet to visit the Las Vegas strip, but the shoes do seem to epitomize everything that I’d picture Vegas to be. The colors might light up the room wherever you are. The fabric hues are plug in ready; electric purple the tangerine kind and more. Roarrrr….think The Hangover, animal prints and  the glitz of shimmery metallic t-straps.  Did you hear that? Cha-Ching.  Cash registers are sounding off everywhere. The Las Vegas Shoe theme is making it all good in the Sarah Jessica Parker HOOD (where she makes her bank deposits as well). Everything is enticing in Vegas so, FORGET ABOUT THE PRICE TAG.  Because Whatever happens on your charge card—stays on your charge card—-until you pay the bill. Get your SJP Shoes and accessories here.

I’ve Got 99 Problems, but Giving Sarah Jessica Parker Shoe Advice AIN’T ONE.

Cityrocka puts this knowledge on EVERYTHING. I so heart the SJP shoes, really I do. And her newest collection certainly came straight out of the gate with FLAIR, more than the Resort Collection. But in doing my research, in all of the stories that I‘ve read, and the photos that I’ve seen featuring Sarah Jessica Parker there is a TELL. The TELL lies within Cityrocka Perry. I’ve always promised to keep it TRUTHFUL with you, my Accessories Blog readers so let the FACT be EXPOSED.

Cityrocka CAN’T concentrate on the shoes worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in all of their STYLE GLORY….. I just want to know what hair stylist did the Balayage technique  on Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair. It’s soooo freaking Amaazzing.  #Truthbetold #Hairenvy

Alright, alright. Until I find out who this mystery hair stylist is, I may as well give you an easier Sarah Jessica Parker shopping EXPERIENCE….Hope you hit it big. Mamma needs a new pair of shoes…..

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Loved her style as Jessica Parker but not so sure about her shoe line.


Mamma does need a new pair of shoes!!!!!! Love these. They STAY!


She does have some cute shoes. As I get older though I have a hard time wearing the high heels to long. Thank you for sharing

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