Revealed - Style a Statement Necklace Like My "Bestie" Rachel Zoe...

Revealed – Style a Statement Necklace Like My “Bestie” Rachel Zoe…


Rachel Zoe Accessories Collage


Revealed – Style a Statement Necklace Like My “Bestie” Rachel Zoe…

If you don’t know WHO Rachel Zoe is then you should be STRIPPED of all of your ACCESSORIES Jewelry, totebags, and shoes this INSTANT. Your Claire’s Accessories card needs to be revoked (if they even have one). My Style peeps, Rachel Zoe just happens to be ONLY one of the biggest Style Icons ever. She’s a clothing designer, a celebrity stylist, and an editor. I’m telling you that this chick is the epitome of Hollywood glamour—and,(deep gasp), she made the CARTIER PANTHER RING a swoon-worth Accessory for every fashionista(o) with a beating pulse. I’ve posted a photo right above, so you can give Google a minute to herself (Google’s got to be a woman because of how she multitasks). Pause—this Accessories Style Blogger is going to put the heavy compliments to rest because the last thing that I want is for Rachel Zoe to put out a restraining order on me. Because lets be real, I’m clearly on the path to becoming a huge industry insider, so I’ve got to keep myself open for all of the Accessories people that I’ll be making life-long connections with.  Yep, one day soon Rachel Zoe will be Rachel Zoe to you, and endearingly R-Rizzay to me. I can see it now…. We’ll request identical Starbucks coffee orders, and grasp the cup firmly, all while showboating really fabulous Gem index finger statement rings…..


More About My Bestie Rachel Zoe

Okay, I’m no longer boasting about how in sync Rachel Zoe and I are, nor am I commenting on how one we are with one another’s kindred ACCESSORIES spirits, but really we are. Obviously, Rachel’s not here. She’s got lots to tend to with the two little ones and Rog, (Rog, her hubby,  that’s what I call him). She’s got empires to run, and scores of vintage sequined garments to talk herself out of buying; because adding anymore will call for another expansion of her already cavernous wardrobe closet. And about that promise that I made to share statement necklace style—I’ve got the next best alternative for you. A VERY RELATED video with Rachel Zoe herself, dishing out styling tips like a food worker at a high school cafeteria.  Jewelry designer Jenifer Meyer is in it as well,  and she’s completely FAB, but we want to go BIG here, so use your tunnel vision and just hang on to every word that Rachel Zoe says. Check it out:

Replay this very introspective Rachel Zoe ACCESSORIES video as many times as you’d like. I’m fine with it–really I am. You’re allowed to covet her too. So, the second, second best alternative is Accessories Styling Advice, from your truly, Cityrocka Perry. If you’re going to wear a statement necklace, don’t be timid about the piece that you select. In true Rachel Zoe fashion, keep your eyes peeled for statement necklaces with embellishments. Tassels are hot, jewelry that moves—-think multi strands, pieces that have different components, station necklaces. It shouldn’t appear cheap in any way, a real statement necklace is going to have a little weight on it, so start doing your neck lunges NOW.  Here’s a great how-to  post for you. 7 Ways to Wear a Statement Necklace, go HERE for a spell. And before I wind it up,  a few final thoughts on how I arrived at my STYLE ACCESSORIES selections photoed up at the tippy-top of this post. Avoid necklaces like the one on the bottom right like the plague.The Best blogger who ROCKED it belongs to a style blogger who hasn’t had any activity on her blog in a while I just love the way she like throws jewelry on like it took no effort at all—Miss Thing (who also demonstrates that she’s largely influenced by THEE ONE – ANNA WINTOUR) pulls it all together lovely. Please come back to the internet. And of course the tassel necklace worn by the model is a Rachel Zoe design. Think of it as your official FASHION ACCESSORIES show-n-tell. And that chunky mass of a crystal clustered statement necklace? Heck yes, Cityrocka NEEDS IT NOW. White tee, cute shorts and murderous suede boots in tow. Because if you’re going to put on a statement necklace—OWN IT. What? I love you, but how dare you purse your MAC Ruby WOO lips to ask me that question. No, there’s no Celebrity Gossip today, I’m. SPENT. I’ve given all that I can GIVE. Maybe I’ll double up on the next post—if you follow my fashion accessories rules like a cult member.




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