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Met Gala – Fashions On Blast and Beast Mode 2015

05 May 2015 / By Cityrocka Perry

The Met Gala.

I must have checked my mailbox about a trillion times—and STILL NO INVITE from ANNA WINTOUR to her BIG PARTY of Fierce Fashion. And yes, I’m aware that my Michael Kors wrist clock is tick-tocking, and I know that it’s quite last minute, but I really want to be present, mingling and tee-heeing amongst those celebrities. And did you that the Met Gala was going to be filmed this year for a documentary? That means that everything will be immortalized on film—all of the fashion HITS and MISSES.  OMG, and of course I’m wondering WHO it is that’s going to bring the DRAMA.  Met Gala 2014—and that the Jay- Z and Solange Elevatorgate SCANDAL is so very yesteryear says me. Oh, but if I had gotten that invite…. As a STYLE ACCESSORIES Thought Leader, let me give you an idea of what I would’ve worn to represent MY burgeoning BRAND. I’d pair it with a black couture leather dress—one—with a train.  Form fitting at the top, and flouncy on the bottom, and it would swish this way and that whenever I grabbed at it. And about my  jewelry accessories—I’d wear gigantic black diamond studs on each earlobe—and a gold statement cuff.  I bet that Blake Lively is going to want to feature me on her website—Artisan of Accessories Words for sure. SHE-ME EXHALES and high sighs….No invite, no accolade I suppose.  What SHE-ME won’t be doing with certainty is asking THEE-SHE-HER Anna Wintour, Do you KNOW WHO I AM??? Besides, there’s always Met Gala 2016 to look forward to. Anyways, Let the Met Gala FASHION EXTRAVAGANZA commence for 2015. You’d better believe that I’ll be there in spirit. NOTHING, and NO ONE, is going to stop Cityrocka Perry from weighing in with the dish on Met Gala 2015 Accessories Style.


You need to know that there is usually a THEME for the Met Ball. This year, it was  China Through the Looking Glass.  So you’re going to have to think over the top.

Let’s start out with a run down of the Style Hits. We’ll call them the Beast Mode Accessories because a fashion look can’t get any hotter than beast mode.

Anna Wintour receives a beast mode. Simply because I’m kissing up and want to be invited to the festivities at some point in my blogging career. Hey ANNA….Like that necklace girl….

 Anna Wintour - Met Gala

Sarah Jessica Parker – Beast mode. That headdress and that scowl get 10’s across the board. And she’s wearing her SJP shoes—but you can’t see them under that long dress though.








Katy Perry - Met Gala

 Beast Mode – Katy Perry for the Moschino Nails and the creative Spray paint bag.

Rihanna - Met Ball

Rihanna gets Beast Mode – This chick SLAYED it with her headdress. Somehow, it didn’t feel as though she was playing dress up at all.


 Sophia Vergara - Met Gala

Sofia Vergara went Beast Mode – Her best accessory was on her arm. That fine Joe Manganiello

Larry David is Beast Mode too – Okay, I know that this is random, but his shoes just stuck out as being really cool and comfortable looking

 Larry David _ Met Gala

The Olsen Twins – Twin Beast Mode. Yep, they’re looking quite gaunt in their expression. It’s kind of Geisha No?

 Olsen Twins - Met Gala

Just Bieber – Beast Mode – His Sunnies are—CUTE.


Justin Bieber - Met Gala


Anne Hathaway – Beast Mode. Earring cuff rules.

 Anne Hathaway - Met Gala

Karolina Kurkova. Beast Mode. I get the theme and you’re shoes are sexy.

Karolina Kurkova - Met Gala

Now onto the Worst Accessories. Cityrocka is going to call this Accessories Blast—because someone needs to be put on BLAST that the fashion look that they selected was NOT a GOOD LOOK.


Solange Knowles - Met Gala


Umm….Solange. I know that some people tote their pets around as accessories. But the colorful stingray? Uh-uh. Nope—No Maam. Accessories Blast for you.

 Zoe Kravitz and Miley Cyrus - Met Gala

Zoe Kravitz. You get ab Accessories Blast. Showing up anywhere with Miley Cyrus in a photo just plummeted your popularity stock.

 Kris Jenner - Met Gala

Kris Jenner.Not even a Balmain belt can save you from this critique. Accessories Blast. Movie house Drapery and rod?

 Spike Lee - Met Gala

 Spike Lee. You were actually both an Accessories Blast and a Beast Mode. Glasses yes. Cross pendant no. (I love you though God). The END.

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Blog Comments

I love seeing all the people dressed up with unique attire.


Still drooling over these dresses! Love the super edgy looks.


I love Anne Hathaway’s dress. It makes me think of Star Wars for some reason.

Cityrocka Perry

Hi Kate. It so does! Thank you for commenting 🙂

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