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Marykate and Ashley Olsen Finally Embracing Stardom?

03 November 2014 / By Cityrocka Perry

Photo Courtesy of Lucky Magazine




Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen…


Finally Embracing Stardom? Well, no not really. They’re pretty much the same RICH TWINSIES who could care less if they only put out press about themselves once a year….Because think about it. When was the last time you saw them promoting their hugely popluar and exclusive clothing line called The Row? Want to see them? You stand a better chance catching them on old reruns of their old sitcom Full House. Of course there are those rare instances of Marykate Olsen sightings and her creepy father-beau fiance, but that’s about it. Get excited. DO the Nay-nay, clap it up, repeat their cutesy kid catch-phrase, you got it dude, until you’re face turns a cool weathered vintage green. Cityrocka’s got even more Marykate and Ashley Olsen news for you. That’s right, Marykate and Ashley Olsen. Oh yes, there’s a Marykate and Ashley Olsen Fan Club. There are actually people on the web looking for any and all info that they can get on the two young women. Anyways, back to my previously scheduled accessories post….Marykate and Ashley Olsen are finally embracing stardom, but I’m referring to the stars in their constellation inspired new accessories jewelry line…..

AMK X SM is the name of the line (if that isn’t proof that they’re really cavalier about promo then I don’t what is. What consumer is going to remember  AMK X SM? I just typed in the name, and I’ve already forgotten it).  Let me try this one last time—so the Accessories line is a collabo with Stylemint, and as I said it’s based on the cosmos. Dainty hand chains, chokers, rings and lariat necklaces.  It’s eight pieces, and you can check out the selection of  of jewelry that Marykate and Ashley Olsen are peddlin’ below: 



sPhotos courtesy of Lucky Magazine

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