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Joan Rivers – She Left us All Something Sparkly

06 September 2014 / By Cityrocka Perry

Joan Rivers Wearing  Jewelry Photo



Joan rivers on joining the QVC family 24 years ago after her husband’s suicide: 

“In those days only dead celebrities went on [QVC],” confessed Rivers. “My career was over. I had a lot of bills to pay. I have a very large family and we all take care of each other. It also intrigued me at the beginning.”

Joan Rivers – She Left us All Something Sparkly.

Joan Rivers will always shine bright in the eyes of jewelry enthusiasts, even though she is no longer with us. After all, she built a brand on the QVC Shopping Channel. When Cityrocka thinks of statement necklaces, she thinks of Joan Rivers. Large stones, pendants, filigree, and all things bright and shiny. Earrings, rings, bracelets and brooches which exude distinction and the utmost of class. She didn’t even know it, but Joan Rivers was bringing consumers into her world at a price point that’s affordable. A billion dollar industry, which had nothing to do with stand up or her edgy sense of humor. Her best selling jewelry pieces on QVC are the Pave Crystal Lovebirds brooch, and the Starlet Style 20 necklace, just to name a few items. Joan Rivers jewelry has earned mass appeal, so much so that there are even pinterest pages dedicated to a love of the accessories maven.

Even in her passing there is a takeaway—to live your best life and to be bold. What’s incredible, is that Joan Rivers joined up with QVC over two decades ago, and yet, none of the jewelry pieces look dated. They are as classic, and as timeless as the comedic genius. And she didn’t just sell her jewelry. Joan Rivers gave her precious jewelry gems away to those who she connected with.  At Thanksgiving dinners, on television shows, to her dedicated fans. And though she may not of known us personally, we still have access to a small piece of  the blingy fragments that draped closest to her heart. RIP Joan Rivers. You will be missed, but always remembered.

Here’s a tribute to you, to all that’s big, bold, and sparkly Joan….

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Joan Rivers was a class act. RIP.

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