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Heidi Klum | YOU Are Out. Says Who Though?

02 November 2016 / By Cityrocka Perry
Heidi Klum selfie

Heidi Klum. The leggy Vicky-secret model has been forced to say Auf Wiedersehen(owf-vee-der-sehn) to her well-liked burgeoning jewelry line. Yep. Word has it that the popular lingerie strutter was business linked with a partner who wasn’t savvy enough to keep their budding Home Shopping Network venture going. But wait, this is where it gets gangsta. Paris jeweler big-wiggs Van Cleef & Arpels accused the Supermodel of jacking their clover motif and staked their claim in a lawsuit.

Somehow, I’m convinced that Klum won’t be glum about if for too long. She’s still got a gang-load of kids, a strapping young beau, and let’s not forget the hit shows America’s Got Talent and Project Runway that she hosts. The Fab clothes. All the wish-list chunky runway accessories. I can hardly wait for the next installment of the fashion series.

YOU MAD??? Don’t be, my fashion accessory friends. Her jewelry line might be long gone, but you can still get the same Heidi Klum jewelry looks inspo from here. Don’t cry for Heidi because she’s turned the tables and become resilient. She’s got an underwear line now, for all of us chicks who want to live out our inside super model. And don’t fret if you don’t have a BAE in your life right now. Do it for you and then follow my lead.

Mmmhmm. It’s going down tonight as I plunk myself down on my sofa, front and center of the television. Thanks in advance to a man who may not be from Germany like Heidi, but he does incidentally share a border with her. This Polish male homosapien’s name is one you won’t ever be able to guess—It’s Reuben Mattus, and what he created in vanilla-Swiss almond Haagen Daz ice-cream is nothing but pure genius.

Check out the Heidi Klum collection below and practice your smize pre-ice cream though…..



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