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Happy Pharrell Williams – Only Because He’s Wearing Chanel

18 October 2016 / By Cityrocka Perry

Happy Pharrell Williams just got a whole lot happier. He’s Got it Like That, in Chanel…..I’m delving into accessories chat, but for a minute, forget all about that Dudley Do Right Vivienne Westwood hat that he made infamous. Hold on—I’m feelin’ it. At this very moment, Cityrocka is grooving to the classic tune of Pharrell and Gwen Stefani’s jam, Can I have it Like That? Yes,  I got it like that. I’m that Accessories clad chick down to the core. Hello???  Well, guess who else was accessory wrapped, styled up in gold links on links on links? Before SURFBOARD, SURFBOARD, there was SkaterBOARD P,  the backpacker—of Neptunes—Star Trak……..But People do evolve, they grow, they change. Continue with your reading because today I’m getting into that it factor; it, being the Jewelry Accessory Evolution of a Happy Pharrell Williams

We’re moving into 2015, and it’s no secret that the entire world is HAPPY with Pharrell Williams and the level of success that he’s managed to achieve. I bet not in a million years, would you expect for CityRocka to say this, but sometimes, it’s not all about the bling-bling my blog readers. Such is the case in this instance, where a man found his light on the inside, and then allowed it to shine so the rest of us could see. Who doesn’t believe the words that are coming from my keyboard? See Exhibit A below. It’s Young fellow Pharrell. I know, it’s crazy how he doesn’t age, but the pic tells a very different story from the one above doesn’t it?





According to Williams, all of the fashion bling; all of the chains and jewelry that he wore back then, well it was beginning to make him feel as if he was in an attention-getting competition with other celebrities in the industry. And that’s when Pharrell Williams  says that he made a conscious choice to do something different; to only wear jewelry with medicinal or healing properties. You might remember Cityrocka mentioning such a thing might be the case with Anna Wintour. Anyway, Williams took to having some Chanel necklaces customized, remade in gold, jade, and fresh water pearls. But healing like how Cityrocka? That’s what you’re itching to know. Healing, like this accessories stone, and healing, like gorgeous freshwater pearl style stones. As you can probably tell by now, Happy Pharrell Williams has found a worthy reason to switch up his jewelry fashion game. But some things about his accessory flow haven’t changed, because he hasn’t wanted it to. Here’s that celebrity gossip, gossip, gossip that you love. Pharrell Williams and the members in his clique all had grills made. They all still discreetly wear them, right on the sides of their mouths. Williams’ wife Helen Lasichanh summed up the answer best as to why:


A Happy Pharrell Williams says “It makes us feel like a tribe.”

 Brooklyn Jeweler, Gabby is the man to see for grills, and if you’re a New Yorker like me then that’s really LOCAL. Listen, you might not be able to be a part of Pharrell Williams‘ tribe, but take a lesson from this post and dare to stand out and do your own thing, be your own rock star……play the Happy Pharrell Wiliiams song just for inspo…

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