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Grammy Awards 2017 – Fashion Rundown, Who Run This Town Tonight?

13 February 2017 / By Cityrocka Perry
Grammy Awards 2017 - photo

Grammy Awards 2017. Let’s fess up now. We all watched, everybody on this spinning planet; and we all know why. What’s that you say? “You only watched to see what people were wearing.”  Plug in comedian Kevin Hart’s infamous What Now comedy stand up line—-Really??????????….?????    Be candid. We couldn’t wait to see Beyonce and her twin baby bump.Those two babies in utero are the best fashion accessories of the Grammy Awards 2017 night, the youngest to every receive such an accolade.  They run this town. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to this admittingly quick, but entertaining, Fashion Rundown.  People, I’m running through this list like an Olympian at a marathon….Who’s up first?


Grammy awards 2017 -6

Grammy Awards 2017 – Ready Set Go


Grammy awards 2017 -1 Rancic

Giuliana Rancic –  Your red carpet dress was pretty, but the lacy uber short dress with the wide white belt just makes me think that something is out of WACK. Yup, I brought the word wack back again. Giuliana may dish on the fashion police, but in this house of accessories, Cityrocka Perry rules. The belt was wack and this look would have gone over better if the dress had stopped just above her knees. Still adore you though G (and on a side note, your ensemble looks better when                        you’re sitting.).


Grammy awards 2017 -2


Skylar Grey – was in attendance, and I couldn’t stop looking at her clutch bag. No—I mean it really couldn’t stop looking at it. It was lighting up and digital with  words scrolling  across. EMPOWERMENT……EQUALITY. This was fashion accessory with a driven purpose, representing the women’s march and solidarity. Yaaasss.  I’m still in my feelings over her fashionable but firm stand. The bag is by Special.


Grammy awards 2017 -4


Two Chainz was there. Ironically enough, his 2 chains weren’t in view, but he was looking quite dapper. BTW, Congrats on the grammy for best performance. Hold up wait, upon closer observation, this fashion accessories blogger can CONFIRM. One, two—yes, I see two chains!!!!


Grammy awards 2017 -5

Charli XCX – had on these Vivienne Westwood dress and earrings.  You can’t really see them in the photo, but they’re basically gigantic diamond safety pin earrings with a drop ball on the end.The dress was amazing, but the earrings just didn’t strike me as being old Hollywood glamour. Maybe for the MTV awards with a leather dress? Girl. Hire me as your fashion accessories stylist next time.  I could be wrong, but what do you all think of her statement earrings?


Jennifer Lopez – her dress by Ralph and Russo    was so freaking pretty. Chick looked like a  lavender blooming orchid, and  yes, I consider the ornate collar-line to be an accessory of sorts. The diamond earring studs and the diamond rings brought the sparkle without overpowering her look. Bravo Jen. Bravo.



Grammy awards 2017 -3


If I didn’t mention your favorite celebrity or someone that you thought should’ve made this Grammy Awards 2017 fashion rundown, then I was probably just being SUPER POLITE. I mean—I’m a New Yorker, but my family is originally from the south. I do have manners.


Oh, and SHOUT OUT to Blue Ivy and her glittery kitty purse and Jay-Z and his Cartier panther ring.

Grammy awards 2017 -7


See you next year ;o)


Cityrocka Perry


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