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Gigi Hadid – Accessories IT Girl Revealed….

28 April 2015 / By Cityrocka Perry

Gigi Hadid just sort of sprouted up on the Celebrity scene and now she’s like—-everywhere.And whether you want to or not, you should come clean. We all want to know it—so tall, so pretty girl-FLEEK even on an ACCESSORIES  STYLE BLOG, the question begs. Where did she get those jeans? Not those jeans, but her GENES. She get-it-from-her-Mama, no doubt. The stylish Yolanda Foster  from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gets the credit and might I  add that Yolanda’s style selections also have me transfixed, sitting front and center of my flat screen TV. If you also watch the Real housewives series, then you OBVI saw the episodes where Yolanda Foster was grooming her daughter Gigi Hadid for Supermodel stardom. And so a STAR is born. It’s Windex  clear that Gigi Hadid is very sought after. All of the big name designers are on her like a NYC commuter to Public Transit. Campaigns? BOOKED. She did that, but let’s all recognize that she put in the work. And if you dream big and do the same, with a work ethic that’s off of the richter scale, then you will have SUCCESSS TOO.

Motivational speaking is rewarding, but Cityrocka is going to return back to the Gigi Hadid Convo now. When you’ve got the major players in the Fashion Industry pursuing you, it must be one heck of an EGO boost no? Uhhh-YES. It means that you can make anything look good.  Gigi Hadid is rockin’ with the best of Style Makers, so she’s wearing the best. Buzzzzzz. Buzzzzz. Think of me as your personal STYLE Accessories FLY on the wall. We like those accessories Gigi Hadid, and Cityrocka Perry has a job to do—I have to bring the fashion accessories scoop. Because if  I don’t—then I will be HOMELESS.

Gigi Hadid – A Few of Cityrocka’s Favorite Accessories Picks:

Moschino Jacket Motif shoulder bag – It turns out that there doesn’t have to be a fancy fashion shoot for GiGi Hadid to Accessories Style Fashion FLEX. This is what we love about her though isn’t it? Take for instance GiGi out and about, dressed down in a crop top, jeans and a Moschino Jacket shoulder bag. The photo served as the inspiration for this Style Blog Post. I selected it for it’s I’m-Not-Even-Caught-Up-In-This-Glamour-Girl-Realness.

Quay My Girl Sunglasses – The shape of this eye wear brand is Edgy Cool Girl. You’d probably be ADMITT ONE from the moment you perched these eyeglass frames on the bridge of your nose. Gwen Sefani and Lauren Conrad are also Fans of these must-have shades.

Coin and Chain Bib Necklace – It’s Oh-So Bohemian, an Accessories style that Cityrocka get the feelin that Gigi Hadid is most comfortable in. She likes this particular piece of jewelry so much that she had it doing double duty. It was first a necklace, and on another random day she chose to wear it as a belt. We interrupt this post for your weekly dose of Celebrity Gossip. Beautiful, Rich, and she has a voice. Gigi Hadid. You go girl.

Well, no tears my Fab Accessories Blog Readers, gotta go.  But I shall RETURN. Same URL, every Wednesday, I’LL BE here, PUTTING OUT.  Oh, did you notice that I featured Gigi Hadid in a light where we could could all relate? Of course I did, and all of the accessories are mostly AFFORDABLE too. I BROUGHT IT. I’d do anything for YOU guys. Remember, Real Bloggers do REAL Things….

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Love her style. She’s so very pretty!


She is such a cute young lady. She looks great in all the outfits she chose to style. Thank you so much for sharing

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