Fashion Jewelry Accessories Forevvaa - Cardi B Rachete

Fashion Jewelry Accessories Forevvaa – Cardi B Rachete

Fashion jewelry and accessories are on another level these days, and I just can’t wait.  What I’m saying, is that  there are too many  times when I want almost everything that I see. Lowkey, I’m like a flower just waiting to go full bloom in the spring, showcasing  the goods that are waiting to make their grand entrance on my face, waist, arms, and legs (not all at the same time though). We’ve been having some 60 degree days in New York, but it’s still winter here.  I don’t want to speed on rocking the mirror sunnies (sunglasses), layering up on the cool minimalist necklaces, or angling my feet into the coveted Gucci sneakers that I recently bought; not just yet anyway. I feel like I still need to enjoy one of my bright colorful infinity scarves, give my leopard booties a few more walks, or rest a nude leather snapback on my head.



Fashion Jewelry and Accessories – My Personal Dilemma

Here’s my real problem. I purchase the most AMAZING fashion jewelry and accessories online and in the retail stores, and then those things ultimately end up in the same place. They fade off somewhere into a fashion accessories RIP (rest in peace) list.  I’m not in denial though. If you ask, I’ll say that I’m the one to blame for the neglect. This is why right now, moving forward, vowing to to do things most differently. I’m becoming my own role model, and hopefully my can-do attitude of taking better care of my fashion jewelry and accessories will rub off on you as well. Fashion Jewelry and Accessories – Top 3 Rachete Cardi B Ways to Make Yours Last Forever—is going all the way down, right here.




You may have seen this info elsewhere as a fashion accessories hack, but I’ll just tell you that slapping on a coat of clear nail polish isn’t the wisest route. Investing in a single can of this. It’s under $10.00, great on metal, wood, wicker and more,  and you’ll be able to get a lot of use from it. Just hang your jewelry on a string inside of a shoe box and spray to get a smooth even coat that will make your fashion accessories and jewelry Cardi B Last Forever.

fashion jewelry and accessories

Store your fashion jewelry and accessories like you care—or at least make a genuine attempt to. Here’s why. When you toss a bunch of fashion jewelry together in the same place it gets tangled and the untreated metals mix, causing them to tarnish way sooner than they should. As a solution, here’s a bomb jewelry storage hack from Lorraine on Pinterest. Get your DIY  jewelry holder on or take the easier route and get a ready-made jewelry storage holder that I personally recommend. Either option is a better one that will make your fashion accessories and jewelry Cardi B Last Forever.

fashion jewelry and accessories

Are You Down With the Sneaker Cover?



And ABOUT those crispy white sneakers. Don’t you just hate it when someone mistakenly steps on your feet, getting caught in the rain, or if you happen to get an accidental scuff across your new fresh kicks? Well, you could drape them in plastic for practicality but that wouldn’t be at all fashionable would it? Here’s a great fix. Use this to keep your sneakers and shoes squeaky clean. It works on leather, suede, nubuck and even fabric. This is one must-try hack that will make your fashion accessories and jewelry Cardi B Last Forever.



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