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Celebrity Gossip – Blake Lively Jewelry Edition

14 October 2012 / By Cityrocka Perry




Blake Lively can happily shout it from the top of the Hollywood Hills.


Celebrity Gossip never goes out of style,

so let’s start with the latest and greatest in everything involving Celebrities jewelry.  There are lots of weddings about to happen or happening, but the one that I’m going to focus on is that of a Gossip Girl  who is fueling the celebrity gossip mill with all the talk that she is now Mrs. Ryan Reynolds. Well it went down my readers, and the glamorous  jewelry proof can be seen below:





It’s a real stunner isn’t it? Film star Ryan Reynolds did a stellar job in his collabo with jeweler supreme Lorraine Schwartz . The Art-Deco inspired wedding ring of approximately 12 carats, is pink and oval-shaped set in a rose gold and diamond band. The rumored price tag is a cool $2 million dollars. Now this is a Gossip Girl that’s giving us all something to talk about.  In terms of colored diamonds, you may have heard about or seen canary or yellow diamonds, but there’s something about pink diamonds which seem to carry more of a mystique don’t you think?  Would you believe that most pink diamonds come from a single mine in Australia? Hmm…I’m wondering if Blake Lively left hints of the type of stone she wanted based on her personal research. A page torn from the jewelers, strategically placed on the back of  say…the bathroom door, or left on Ryan’s window car windshield wiper……That pink diamond is oh-so-exclusive. Bet you didn’t know that there’s a pink diamond named the Graff Pink. Well It’s touted to to be one of the most exquisite and most expensive diamonds in the world. It sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong for a cool 46 million dollars! Is this Celebrity Gossip and Jewelry Gossip or what? Check out all 24.78 Carats in the photo just below and drown in a pool of envy drool like I am.



Photos courtesy of


No, this isn’t Blake Lively’s ring, but hers is absolutely a distant relative (pictured up top). And if you’re as riveted as I am with everything pink diamond, then check out the below video from





Oh to have a colored diamond….A girl can still dream…..And a girl can still have her pick of colored stones which are way more affordable at this given moment in time. Scroll on down to see my Cityrocka celebrity gossip jewelry picks and experience nothing but good vibes in everything that’ll come up rosy…

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