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Beyonce – Her Latest Baddie Accessories And YOU…..

05 April 2015 / By Cityrocka Perry
Photo's courtesy of Beyonce's Instagram Page

Beyoncé is PERFECT.

Right? She’s like, almost not human, now that she evolved into being a Multi-talented Mega Super Star, mom to Blue Ivy, and beloved wife to Entrepreneur and Rap Mogul Jay Z. Cityrocka isn’t exactly  shadowing Beyoncé’s every move, and no, I’m not actually a member of the Beyhive, but there is a major admiration . You see, Beyoncé is one girl after my own heart; say what you want to, this chick represents the accessories that she wears to the FULLEST. But here’s what makes Beyoncé a GROWN WOMAN completely apart from all of her awards and many accolades—it’s her confidence. Just check out the Beyoncé Instagram Page. Have you noticed that Baddie Bey has steered away from wearing SO MANY of the big earrings that she confessed to wearing to balance out the size of her ears? Cityrocka has. It’s my job to notice these kinds of accessory details you know.


Did Cityrocka say all of that? Who’s the Style Accessories and Celebrity Gossip Blogger here? It is I sire. Go on, Googgle Cityrocka Perry. Check my IFP (Independent Fashion Blogger), and my Bloglovin‘ status. It’s valid alright. What I said, was that Beyonce is more self-assured, as we all should probably strive to be as it concerns those things that makes us feel insecure. Singer Usher Raymond had his, but this is my own Accessories Confession. Cityrocka has FLAT FEET, and she wears a size 10 in shoes. I often feel like I should just wedge my feet inside the box they come in—-Neanderthal Gal, that’s me.


Here’s another highlight of this  particular Accessories blog post. Sometimes you have to do something different in order to get different results. What’s clear is that I need to woman up and garner some FLAT FEET Pride. LoL. Anyways, Beyoncé’s different  is that she’s choosing to wear different accessories that catch her eye. Like those bad-ass Gianvito Rossi Honeycomb Point Toe Pumps pictured above. DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO CLICK HERE. I’ve disabled the link to spare you the crushing disappointment. Those $900 beauties  are sold out; both at Bergdorfs and at Neiman’s.  That’s your dose of Celebrity gossip, and I know that it’s a bummer. Stay encouraged and read on though. These days, Beyonce is into the whole honeycomb-bee accessories thing. It’s a branding connection with her Beyhive crew undoubtedly. Simon says….Look Down. In the below pic, Beyoncé is also rocking an oxblood Chanel 2015 Calfskin Flap Bag. But YOU ALREADY KNOW about quilted Chanel bags and the like.  Her ankle boots are also Chanel, because what else would a celebrity wear to a a Chanel Paris-Salzburg show in NYC?



Almost forgot. Can we have a moment of cuteness and focus on the photo at the very top of this post again? Hey there Blue Ivy… Like mother like daughter, Accessories Swagging it like she should be with both wearing Sunday Somewhere Sunnies! And Blue Ivy in that bold chunky gold chain? I know you love it—like Drip-Drop. Drip-Drop. The Carters are giving us an Accessories EMPIRE TAKEOVER.  But all is not lost. Cityrocka’s going to let you BUMBLE-WITH-THE-BEE as well with Style alternatives and accessories that are all Beyoncé CERTIFIED on the scroll down…

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Cityrocka Perry
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Blog Comments

She does choose to wear some unique things. I love all the rings. Thank you so much for sharing


I have to admit that I too Love her rings!


Thanks for sharing! I like that maroon mini skirt she is wearing in one of the photos!


It always amazes me when people bag celebrities and say they are rich famous successful but they are human too an have insecurietes just like us I love the fact that she is bold and beautiful


Beyoncé is queen bee I love her sunglasses 🙂

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