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Apple Watch – Christy Turlington A Rotten Pick?

15 March 2015 / By Cityrocka Perry


Apple Watch –  “The Lady Doth protest Too Much”

It’s a Shakespearean quote my Style Accessories Peeps. See? Cityrocka Perry can be a classy, educated blogger when she’s good and ready to be. Now back to the FRUITS of my labor; this Apple Watch post. Well, The Gold Mac Book was a smashing hit, but when super model Christy Turlington stepped in to strike a pose as the new face of the Apple Watch…Well, um-er-uh, how about those Mets? It’s all a part of a new campaign that the Apple folks thought it would be good for her to participate in; Every Mother Counts. It’s aimed at making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

What’s that you say? How could you be so heartless? Of course Cityrocka cares about the cause. Who doesn’t care about pregnant moms? Need I remind you, if our mothers had unsuccessful births then we surely wouldn’t be here today? Can we just get back to the campaign that features Christy Turlington though? ***Sighs****Would it mean more to you if I shared that this former supermodel is using the Apple Watch as she gears up for the Virgin Money London Marathon? How about if I tell you that you get to see which Apple Watch she selects? I know, how about a total insider view of her progress as leading up to the run???? Would the deal be sweeter if I offered you immediate access, right here and now? Can we please not dwell on the big businesses and the importance of core demographics? If we put that subject aside, we may all agree that it really is a marvelous cause. Because really, should it matter that most of you (my Fab Accessories blog readers) don’t even know who Christy Turlington is? I know we would’ve much preferred, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Tyson Beckford or that new model Gigi Haddid in the campaign. Even better Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga paired up as controversial representatives—in nothing but Apple Watches and the slogan, worth the temptation…. (Apple people hit me up on Twitter if you’d like to add me onto your employee roster). #Bloggersdoitbest

One Accessories Blogger POV on the Apple Watch:

It’s fine, you don’t have to listen to me. Who am I? Cityrocka is just a chill accessories Blogger with a POV on the Apple Watch. I don’t know, I was just thinking that maybe you could have completely avoided 70% of Americans having no interest in the Apple Watch at all. How’s that for accessories celebrity gossip? You be the judge though. Get back to me with a rebuttal because I’m just that kind of impartial girl. The stainless steel version begins at $349.00 and goes up to $1099 all depending on the case size and strap design. And for all of you ballers, there’s an 18K gold version too. It’ll cost you around 10,000 stacks.

Since I’m not won over either way, I’m making the choice to slap something other than an Apple Watch on my wrist for now. I’ve suddenly caught a case of ACCESSORIES SPRING FEVER ….It’s so Fancy, and most of the price tags are less than even your most inexpensive models……

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I do not find the Apple watch attractive at all! It’s big, bulky, and if you need to be THAT connected, ALL the time…you’re going to pass away at a very early age, from stress!!!

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