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Amal Alamuddin – Shines Even Without George Clooney…

26 October 2014 / By Cityrocka Perry



Amal Alamuddin – Shines Even Without George Clooney

Aside from taking those cherished wedding and most sought after wedding vows from one of the most popular bachelors ever, that is. Meet Amal Alamuddin, the girl whose managed to capture George Clooney’s heart. She’s a beauty isn’t she? I mean that reported $750,000 diamond and platinum sparkler. Yep, George Clooney did very well, and Amal Alamuddin is no slouch either.  She’s a gorgeous girl of British and Lebanese descent, a lawyer (specializes in international law, criminal law, human rights and extradition). She’s an author, fluent in 3 languages  English, French, and Arabic. Cityrocka says PRETTY IMPRESSIVE, COUNSELOR. And here’s what else I like about this new half of the  Clooney newlywed duo; her accessories style is BOLD. It’s BRASH, and it’s in your face. She knows how to wear Jewelry Accessories, that’s for sure.


 See Amal Alamddin LISTENING-TO-BEYONCE’S-DANGEROUSLY-IN-LOVE while clad in a fab neon acrylic necklace…



Photo Courtesy of Paul/




See Amal Alamuddin owning her I’M-EVERY-WOMAN look with this very stylish Statement necklace …


And her LOOK-AT-ME-NOT-EVEN-TRYING-TO-SHOW-OFF-THIS-Mega-HUGE engagement ring choreography is almost MESMERIZING isn’t it?


So what have we all learned thus far, my Celebrity Accessories and Gossip Readers? I’ll tell you what, That to nab a man of George Clooney credentials you have to be unafraid to step out in accessories that dazzle and utterly amaze. On top of that, you have to be educated, but we still have to give homage to representing as the around the way girl. Question, in terms of accessories, do you have Bamboo earrings? At least two pairs? If not then you have no one to blame but yourself for not having your Mr. Right by your side. I’ve cited examples, produced accessory visuals, what more do you want from Cityrocka. I know—-that juicy celebrity gossip, with that accessories spin. You want that gossip, gossip, gossip….

Well,  guess who was voted as THE HOTTEST London Barrister in 2013? None other than Mrs. Amal Clooney herself!  Who needs the definition of a Barrister stat? Well it’s a lawyer entitled to practice as an advocate, generally in a higher court. Barrister, that’s what they call them across the pond. Yes, they usually wear that wig, I know, I know, it’s an accessory that we’re pleased that Amal Alamuddin has gone without sporting…..

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